Friday, November 7, 2008

Estate Sale...

Going to Estate Sale and Garage sale is the thing Mike and I do. Sometimes we go on Weekends, trying to look for a good stuff like furniture, baby clothes and home decor. This morning, we went to one of the best Estate Sale here in Grand Junction but too bad we cant find anything we like. Well... actually i found a dining room set for only $75, its a good deal though because that dining room is really nice. Some of their furniture are already sold, too bad because the one we like is already sold. Hmmm better luck next time. There's not so much yard sale today just only few. Maybe they are done for the year because winter is coming. Its kind a cold and breezy this morning, so instead of going to other garage sale, we decided to go to KHOLS to buy maternity clothes and other things for Dustin. We had lunch here in the house and today while Mike's sleeping and taking a rest, i check my blog advertising and thank God because they are giving me 2 tasked for the day. hehe :-)

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