Monday, November 3, 2008

My baby quilt was finished!

At last, im done with my baby quilt project hehe :-) I finished it this morning and im so happy with the results. I just bought another fabric for the backing and border and i think the color i've choosed really matched to the pattern. I was very excited to see the results and Kathy told me that we can do the hand quilting design to make it more look nicer. Of course i agree with it and i think we will do that this coming Thursday night while Mike having bookstudy with Bob. So will see... by the way here's the picture of my finished project hehe :-)


janet said...

Hello fe, ask unta ko kung tama bah ang akong gibuhat sa entrecard?? kay murag mali mn? heheh lamat fe

afparks said...

hi Fe, Just visiting. nice quilt...