Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Makeover

At last my new template is done, thanks a lot to Ivy (The Designer Chic). She did a good job! I thought it will take about a days or weeks before it get done but i was very surprised because she finished my blog make over for one day. Hmm let me say about few hours hehe :-) Anyway, i am very pleased of what my layout look like right now, im tired of seeing my old layout all the time and while i have enough earnings to my paypal for this month, so i decided to purchase layout from Ivy for a very affordable price. Here is my new layout! Hope you like it and keep visiting my blog!


Best+friend's blog said...

Hey Fe

How much u pay for it? I love it too. Hehehehe This is really nice blog now fe. I love it! Cool.

See yah

janed said...

u have nice blog.. tagaDAVAO pud ko.. hehehe..