Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not feel well...

Blog Pictures | acobox.comI was supposed to go on service this morning but too bad i dont feel good. I had this scratchy thing on my throat and it seems like i will going to have a hard cough, i still have my runny nose and i still sneeze a lot. Just kind a allergy but i dont know... well, maybe... i try to call my nurse but i remember that today is Saturday and they are closed today. I just want to ask what kind of medication i need to take that won't affect the baby. I search online and i came across this website at they have information about medication for pregnant women and i saw the cough symptoms on it and it says i can take a cough drops: Halls, Vicks or lemon drops, robitussin DM. We have Halls in our medicine closet and i try that one and i think it works okay and also i have "whiteflower" its a oil medicine, i bought it from the philippines and i just put little bit on my nose and in my throat. I feel little bit okay now but im still coughing though hehe :-) Hopefully i will feel better soon so that we can go meeting tomorrow :-)

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