Sunday, August 31, 2008

Annoying Callers

Have you experienced having a harassing telemarketers or let me say annoying callers that keep calling you every now and then and try to sell you something? It happens for me always especially when I came here in Colorado. I receive many calls and I even don’t know them! Most of them are just selling or some of them are just telling you that you won a vacation trip or something. It annoys me of course that’s why every time I receive call and its toll free number? I just hang up and tell them im not interested or I don’t answer it. How about you? What is your experience? Did you know that there is a website that you can share everything about those numbers that keep calling you and makes you annoys and irritated? You can visit and share those experiences. I read the comments on all members and its really interesting, you can add comments too and let everyone knows about your experience. Not only that, you can put the number at the search box at their website and to fine information about any phone number has been calling you. Try it now and see how it works!

Its raining!

Its raining hard since this morning and its not good because you know why? this kind of weather makes me tired and lazy. But even how hard the rain is, we still need to go to the store and buy rags for our bedroom and living room. We also need to attend meeting around 1:00pm. So its wet all over here. We leave the dogs inside our house because it was muddy and wet outside. We never let them out for a long time. The meeting went pretty good, Dustin fall asleep 30 minutes before the meeting will end. Then in the afternoon after the meeting, we are invited for dinner in one of our brother and sister in our congregation. It was so nice that they invited us. They are such a nice couple and they are the one who do bible study with us. :-)


Since we encounter viruses in our computer last 3 months ago. I was thinking to buy a new laptop but the problem is we don’t have enough budget on that time. Mike don’t want to spend too much on a laptop because his not using computer a lot only at night and im the only one can use the computer in the morning until afternoon. But anyway, one of my friend recommended me this website at This is a good website especially when it comes to laptop because you can compare the laptop prices. You can choose the cheapest one you like for a very affordable price. When I visit their website, I found it very interesting because they have really big difference in all laptop prices. And guess what? If ever I will going to buy a Laptop computers and notebooks, this is the website I will absolutely visit and recommend to those people who wants to own laptop computers. Not only that you can save money but also you get a great deal for Laptops and Notebooks. So what are you waiting for? Visit and start comparing the laptop prices now!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


As usual, we have unsuccessful garage sale yesterday and today because we never find the one that we are looking for, the wicker patio furniture. We saw one last weekend but someone already taken it. We are late about 2 minutes i think hehe. If we came little bit early, i am sure we will get that nice wicker patio furniture for a better deal. Buying furniture in the store is really expensive thats why we decided to look for it at garage sale. So every weekend, thats what we always do, look for a patio furniture at the garage sale. Its fun though, so even we dont find wicker patio furniture, we got something else like nice purses, baby clothes, other home decor. Like now i got a nice picture frames for only $1 and a nice 2 candle holder for only $3. Mike got a nice coffee cup and dustin got a toy, a pale with 3 shovel for only $1, thats pretty good right? So next weekend, we are trying to find patio furniture and hopefully we will be successful on our next garage sale hunting hehe :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We bought new vacuum!

Our old vacuum is not working anymore. The vacuum motor having problem thats why we need to buy a new one. I used the old vacuum yesterday and it works pretty good but after few minutes im starting to smell like burning and the sound of our vacuum changed. I called Mike right away and let him know about what happen to our vacuum. When he get home he checked the vacuum and he says the motor having problem and we need to get a new one. So we went to Walmart and get a newer vacuum and we got the Eureka Boss Smart Vac. It cost about $138.00 and it works pretty good. After we assemble the vacuum we try it right away and im starting to like it. The problem is, the vacuum is more heavier than what i thought hehe :-) I need to finished vacuum tomorrow and i am sure it will be more easier than before. Will see...

Holiday Shopping Promotion

Way back in the Philippines, every Holiday I make it sure that I can get a great deal so instead of do shopping in a Holiday, I shop in advance especially during Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. That way I don’t need to fall in line and wait for a long hours to get done. Black Friday is the best way to shop, not only that you can save money and get a great deal for your favorite merchants but also you can save time too. For me, Holiday is not a big deal since I married my husband. We are not celebrating any occasions but still im looking forward to do my next shopping during Black Friday. My family are expecting me to give them gifts every Holidays and im get used to it anyway.

Few months more and its Christmas. I am sure many people are getting busy buying gifts for their love ones. The store will going to be packed on that day. So why wait until Holidays before you make a shopping plans if you can do it during Black Friday? You can save time and money and you don’t need to wake up early in the morning at 5:00am to fall in line at the store and get the one you want. Do you think shopping online is more easier than going to your favorite merchants store? Of course it is! that’s why my next shopping plans will be doing online at my favorite merchants store Kohls. More easier and convenient for me to do. And at they already have list for the 2008 Kohls Black Friday Ad, so I cant wait to get the very cheap and affordable jewelry and clothes and accessories from them. iblackfriday is a consumer friendly site and they offers email alerts to let you know when new Black Friday ads have been posted. For more information visit and find the best deal on your favorite merchants store!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Washing Machine...

My family really wants washing machine so bad. There are many of them in the house and they cant washed their dirty clothes because they dont have much time and also my mama is getting old and she cant do all the washing using by hands. My sister was busy watching the kids and take care of her little baby. My younger sister only washed her own clothes and reynen clothes (our adopted - my cousins son). They are washing clothes using hands since when i was there but right now? they want to own one but the problem is they dont have money to buy. So who will going to buy then? of course its me! they depend on me and this is my mom request too. I cant say no to them. I talked with Mike about it and at first he dont want to help them and send money to buy washing machine because no one of them are working except rolly (my brother-in-law). And he is thinking where they will going to put the washing machine? our house is small and crowded, there is no place to put the washing machine. I am sure my elder sister will find ways so that they can put the washing machine somewhere in the bathroom. Anyway, i just receive my earnings from paypal and i already transfer it to our account so i decided to send $100 to them so that they can buy a new washing machine. That way they dont need to washed all their dirty clothes by hands. The money will transfer after 3-4 business days so they need to wait for more 3-4 days. Hope they are happy now, this is my gift for my mom!

Acne Cures

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Online Auto Insurance Quotes

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Black Out!

This afternoon, we encounter black out. I dont know whats going on because the electricity goes turns on and off. I was watching TV that time and it frustrates me because when it turns off, after a couple seconds it turns on again and then off. I call my husband and he said they having problem with the line and they are trying to fix it. He is not a line man so he cant help to fix the electricity hehe :-) well hopefully they can fix it before night time. I cant even cook for our dinner because we use electric stove. Im glad Mike decided to bring Pizza for our dinner tonight so that i dont need to cook dinner. But still i grill the chicken so that he can bring it from work tomorrow for his lunch. Around 7:30 pm the electricity came back and im glad it didn't turns off again. So i think they already fix it and im happy with it because now i can use computer, pay our bills and do my blogging thing! :-)

Wine - perfect gift to your love ones!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


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Acne Cream

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Online Auto Insurance Quotes

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick Update...

Opps, its been 2 days i never make a new post here. Hehe... im just get lazy to write a post and i dont have something to say though. This past few days, i been busy playing at inboxdollars games. I used my paypal earnings to deposit some money in there so that i can play competition games. It makes me addicted you know thats why most of my time is playing games and watching video at youtube. It keeps me busy also to take care of Dustin and do some household shores here in the house. In the afternoon, i help Mike do some work outside. We are fixing our fence and sometimes i used our metal detector to find lost items. I found few stuff like coins, rusty nails, wires and lots of junk. Digging is not that easy you know, maybe thats the cause why i have my backpain right now. Its terrible i cant even bend my back :-) well.. maybe i am getting old! or maybe its normal for a preggy woman to have a backpain. What you think? hehe happy blogging and have a great day everyone!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Acnexus - very effective and affordable acne treatment

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Used Harleys

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My cute little nephew..

Im talking with my sister right now from the Philippines and i was thinking to take a picture of them together with my cute little nephew "Dave Jhon Romeo" through my webcam. He is 1 month and 12 days old. He is such a cutie, wish i could see him personally. I cant wait to have my second baby also. Hopefully its a girl! :-)

Find basic tools and painting supplies at shopwiki!

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Time to go to the store!

Dustin and I went to the store this afternoon to buy bread, cleaning stuff, cheese, ham, diaper, bacon, ingredients for the hamburger because i am thinking to make a hamburger tonight for our dinner. I didn't buy a lot though, just enough for our needs this week. Anyway, im so happy to go to the store with Dustin. I am free to drive alone now even without Mike because i have my driver license and the store is not far to our house so its easy to drive up there. Its almost 5:00pm so while Dustin was taking a nap, its time for me to cook for our dinner and hopefully the rain will stop so that i can grill the hamburger outside hehe :-)

Auto Insurance

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Lasik in Silicon Valley

Why people undergo for Lasik Surgery? Is it that those people that wear corrective eyewear are conscious about it? Or they just want to have a correct eye sight without wearing eye glasses? Everytime I heard Lasik Surgery, I feel like this surgery will be very expensive. But when I ask my hubby about it, he said the price is not bad at all, besides the insurance company will covered the finance when we undergo for Lasik Surgery. At this time, I don’t have problem with my eyesight but I know many people does. So if you want to request a Cataract Consultation then why not visit This is the website I will absolutely recommend especially when it comes to Lasik Surgery. Guess what? You can request a free Lasik Consultation in San Francisco, San Jose, Lasik in Silicon Valley, Santa Rosa, and Walnut Creek. If you are interested then call 800-laser-45 to schedule a consultation today!

Bad dream...

Last night i have a terrible bad dream. I never had enough sleep last night because i always waken up with a bad dream. It was scary you know... i know dream is not real but when you think about it? it seems like its real. That it happens in reality. I woke up with a tears in my eyes and when i told Mike about it, it makes me cry. My dream was very shocking. I can still remember my dream last night. My dream is all about losing my love ones (my husband and son). Someone was chasing us and he has a gun. He shoot mike and dustin. They are bleeding all over and i keep crying that time because i dont want to lose them. I want to bring them in the hospital but we cant get out on that door. It was lock and i heard a very loud noise outside that door. I see Dustin having hard time breathing and his last word was "mama say bye bye". After that i woke up right away and im thankful because it was only a dream. I dont know what i will going to do if i lost them. Hope it wont happen in the future. I always want to see my son and hubby healthy and happy. That is all what i am asking for. Dream is just a dream. It will not happen in reality. Hopefully i wont have a dream like this again. :-(

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Laughlin Hotels

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Rave Clothing

I am one of those girls who love to wear rave clothing. When I was in high school I mostly wear raver pants and some of my classmates always asking me why I love to wear those kinds of outfit. Well, I just told them that was my style but since I get married I already changed the way I dressed. I know there are many women out there that love to wear rave clothing especially teenagers. And guess what? I came across this website at, they offer a very affordable price to all girls rave clothing, not only for women but also for men. So hurry and visit and find your favorite rave clothing and raver pants!

Doggies taking a bath...

Here is the latest photos of our English Mastiff where Mike giving them a bath. They are both 16 months old. The fawn male is Thunder. He weight 160 lbs. The brindle female is Princess. She weight 135 lbs. Have fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Los Angeles resumes

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Beef Stew for dinner...

Its been a long time since i never used our crock pot. So today, i decided to cook beef stew in a crock pot, it turns out really good though. I cook on high for about 4-5 hours. I try the easy beef stew recipe of my own hehe :-)

First i cut onions and put it in a crock pot and add the beef for stew. Add salt and pepper to taste, beef broth and onion soup mix. After an hour or two i add the potato, cut in cubes and carrots. Cover and cook around 4-5 hours on high. It taste good and i am sure your family would love it!

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The Sun Country Airlines

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Mike bought me a metal detector!

Mike starting to like his metal detector thats why he bought me one so that we can do it together. This is very enjoyable hobby and you can find a lost items somewhere in the park, school and other areas where most people go. My metal detector came yesterday by mail. This is more cheaper than the first one we got. Tesoro Metal Detector is more expensive than Garrett Metal Detectors. Garrett is more heavier than Tesoro. So i am not sure if i can handle it, well maybe I can use Mike's metal detector and he can use mine hehe :-) We got the Garrett Metal Detector for only $212 and Tesoro cost about $420. Its not cheap isn't it? Anyway here is the picture of my new Garrett Metal Detector! I cant wait to use it and hopefully i can find jewelry and more coins! hehe :-)


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Say Bye2x to the puppy...

Today is the last time we could see the puppy because we receive a call for the buyer and she said she will come by tonight to pick up the puppy. Its been a while that the puppy is with us. And guess what? the puppy give me a big scratch on my legs. She jump on me and her paws is really sharp. Too bad because i am wearing mini short. Anyway, im thankful that the buyer will pick her up. Actually we give the buyer a discount, instead of $750 we are asking for $550. The puppy was sick before and we need to take care of her and make it sure that she fully recovered. The buyer will be here around 8:00pm so we will say bye bye now to our lovely puppy number 6! hehe :-)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dark Chocolate...

Last week, Mike bought me chocolate from the local store. It taste good but I told him next time maybe he can get me dark chocolate. I am not crazy on dark chocolate but if its really taste good just like the dark chocolate I’ve seen online at the They are dedicated to searching the globe for only the very best sources of dark chocolate. That’s why I really want to try that one and hopefully I can taste their special dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a best gift also especially to those chocoholics people like me and my hubby! So if you are chocoholics and love to try different kind of dark chocolate? Then why not try the world class dark chocolate gifts from chocolate gifts is the best than flowers, it makes the moment very sweet and lot of passion. So hurry and grab your favorite dark chocolate at!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! hows your sunday morning? did you already had your hot coffee? Me here is good, just done cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. We're just waiting for Mike to come home so that we can go shop for food. I think he's at the park right now or maybe at the old school somewhere here in Grand Junction area. He is using his metal detector and trying to find treasures. He didn't find good stuff yet but im glad he find old coins, i know it makes him happy and the good thing is, he already learned how to use his detector and familiarize the sound. So hopefully when he come back he can find jewelry or something good hehe :-) Anyway happy sunday and wish you all the best my fellow bloggers around the world!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

5.11 Tactical

My brother-in-law love to wear khaki and TacLite Zip Off Pants. He use it for work and sometimes for hiking. I remember that he wants me to bring Khaki Pants when I go back to the Philippines and that will be my gift for him and guess what? I found one that I am sure he would like and maybe you would like it too especially if you like to get a 5.11 Tactical Pants, they offer a very affordable price for their top brands from 5.11 Tactical Series, Surefire Flashlights, Blackhawk, Maxpedition Gear, Galco Holsters, Under Armour, Footwear and Boots, 5.11 Closeouts and a lot more. Visit for more information. Its free shipping! So hurry shop online at!

I won first prize at inboxdollars games!

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