Monday, August 18, 2008

Black Out!

This afternoon, we encounter black out. I dont know whats going on because the electricity goes turns on and off. I was watching TV that time and it frustrates me because when it turns off, after a couple seconds it turns on again and then off. I call my husband and he said they having problem with the line and they are trying to fix it. He is not a line man so he cant help to fix the electricity hehe :-) well hopefully they can fix it before night time. I cant even cook for our dinner because we use electric stove. Im glad Mike decided to bring Pizza for our dinner tonight so that i dont need to cook dinner. But still i grill the chicken so that he can bring it from work tomorrow for his lunch. Around 7:30 pm the electricity came back and im glad it didn't turns off again. So i think they already fix it and im happy with it because now i can use computer, pay our bills and do my blogging thing! :-)

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