Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mike bought me a metal detector!

Mike starting to like his metal detector thats why he bought me one so that we can do it together. This is very enjoyable hobby and you can find a lost items somewhere in the park, school and other areas where most people go. My metal detector came yesterday by mail. This is more cheaper than the first one we got. Tesoro Metal Detector is more expensive than Garrett Metal Detectors. Garrett is more heavier than Tesoro. So i am not sure if i can handle it, well maybe I can use Mike's metal detector and he can use mine hehe :-) We got the Garrett Metal Detector for only $212 and Tesoro cost about $420. Its not cheap isn't it? Anyway here is the picture of my new Garrett Metal Detector! I cant wait to use it and hopefully i can find jewelry and more coins! hehe :-)

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