Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad dream...

Last night i have a terrible bad dream. I never had enough sleep last night because i always waken up with a bad dream. It was scary you know... i know dream is not real but when you think about it? it seems like its real. That it happens in reality. I woke up with a tears in my eyes and when i told Mike about it, it makes me cry. My dream was very shocking. I can still remember my dream last night. My dream is all about losing my love ones (my husband and son). Someone was chasing us and he has a gun. He shoot mike and dustin. They are bleeding all over and i keep crying that time because i dont want to lose them. I want to bring them in the hospital but we cant get out on that door. It was lock and i heard a very loud noise outside that door. I see Dustin having hard time breathing and his last word was "mama say bye bye". After that i woke up right away and im thankful because it was only a dream. I dont know what i will going to do if i lost them. Hope it wont happen in the future. I always want to see my son and hubby healthy and happy. That is all what i am asking for. Dream is just a dream. It will not happen in reality. Hopefully i wont have a dream like this again. :-(

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