Sunday, August 31, 2008

Annoying Callers

Have you experienced having a harassing telemarketers or let me say annoying callers that keep calling you every now and then and try to sell you something? It happens for me always especially when I came here in Colorado. I receive many calls and I even don’t know them! Most of them are just selling or some of them are just telling you that you won a vacation trip or something. It annoys me of course that’s why every time I receive call and its toll free number? I just hang up and tell them im not interested or I don’t answer it. How about you? What is your experience? Did you know that there is a website that you can share everything about those numbers that keep calling you and makes you annoys and irritated? You can visit and share those experiences. I read the comments on all members and its really interesting, you can add comments too and let everyone knows about your experience. Not only that, you can put the number at the search box at their website and to fine information about any phone number has been calling you. Try it now and see how it works!

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