Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick Update...

Opps, its been 2 days i never make a new post here. Hehe... im just get lazy to write a post and i dont have something to say though. This past few days, i been busy playing at inboxdollars games. I used my paypal earnings to deposit some money in there so that i can play competition games. It makes me addicted you know thats why most of my time is playing games and watching video at youtube. It keeps me busy also to take care of Dustin and do some household shores here in the house. In the afternoon, i help Mike do some work outside. We are fixing our fence and sometimes i used our metal detector to find lost items. I found few stuff like coins, rusty nails, wires and lots of junk. Digging is not that easy you know, maybe thats the cause why i have my backpain right now. Its terrible i cant even bend my back :-) well.. maybe i am getting old! or maybe its normal for a preggy woman to have a backpain. What you think? hehe happy blogging and have a great day everyone!

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