Saturday, August 30, 2008


As usual, we have unsuccessful garage sale yesterday and today because we never find the one that we are looking for, the wicker patio furniture. We saw one last weekend but someone already taken it. We are late about 2 minutes i think hehe. If we came little bit early, i am sure we will get that nice wicker patio furniture for a better deal. Buying furniture in the store is really expensive thats why we decided to look for it at garage sale. So every weekend, thats what we always do, look for a patio furniture at the garage sale. Its fun though, so even we dont find wicker patio furniture, we got something else like nice purses, baby clothes, other home decor. Like now i got a nice picture frames for only $1 and a nice 2 candle holder for only $3. Mike got a nice coffee cup and dustin got a toy, a pale with 3 shovel for only $1, thats pretty good right? So next weekend, we are trying to find patio furniture and hopefully we will be successful on our next garage sale hunting hehe :-)

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