Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He wants to become a car expert...

Dustin is a good artist. He loves to draw cars and we probably take him to the art school this year. We just finish the second learning book that we have and I think he is ready to go school this fall. On that book, he learns math, shapes, color, words, rhymes and he learned a lot from those learning book. I know he won't have hard time catching up those subject. Anyhow, while finishing the second learning book, they have a part in it where it said, what you want to be when you grow up? then he color 3 things in the picture, he said he wants to become a teacher, a dentist and a good daddy. Then in the bottom of the page, you only need to answer one thing. His answer is to become a car expert. Hmmm good choice! Since he likes car a lot, he might fulfill that dream in the future. Will see... :-)

wrinkle cream

I was cooking lunch for the kids today and while doing that, I also searching online about wrinkle cream and bumped to this website at The one that really caught my attention is the eyesential reviews. It said it can be purchased in Europe for the price of 39.95 Euros. I was wondering if they are also available here in the United States or you can just order it online. I think that would be easier. What you think? When we reach the age of 40s or 50s, that’s the moment that we can’t hide our wrinkles anymore unless if we use those best wrinkle creams that they are talking about.

I noticed...

the hair loss products that mike stored in the bathroom sink a while ago when i was cleaning the bathroom. I don’t think mike still using those product anymore, I think he just stored it up there. I saw an advertisement of hair loss products and this might be the one. Well, I have a relatives in the Philippines where they have hair loss problem. I might need to buy some for them or maybe I will just send it to them through the forex box next year. Will see…

The Crab Apple Tree

This is the crab apple tree we planted few years ago in the backyard. It looks really pretty in Spring time. White flowers are blooming and the smell reminds me of the "sampaguita flower" in the Philippines. Isn't they look pretty? It smells really good too and I like it. Mike like it too as well.

cloth diapers

Way back then when my elder sister had her first baby, she is using washable cloth. Its kind a lot of work because she needs to wash it all the time when its get wet and dirty. Disposable diapers are way expensive and she can't afford to buy the whole package. I am thankful that I don't need to use washable cloth for my kids then I don't need to wash those cloth myself.

Anyway, some parents thinks that cloth diapers are better than disposable diapers. You can save tons of money if you use cloth diapers. You can wash and re-use them anytime. I would probably consider to use one of the bumgenius diapers from diaper junction and talking about cloth diapers, you can get them online at, they have all cloth diapers selection you need in different sizes. They also have eco friendly diapers, prefold, hybrid, contour, fitted, pocket, organic or the all in one or two cloth diapers. Not only that, they also have diaper covers, cloth diapering accessories, swim diapers, potty training, baby gear, cloth for mom and gift certificates. So if you are a mom like me and wants to try this cloth diapers, get it now at! Free shipping on orders of $49 or more so hurry and get your cloth diapers for your adorable baby!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Used Cars in Miami

I would love to visit Miami Florida someday. People we know that been there says that Miami is a nice place to visit. They have nice beaches, nice view, very tropical and there are a lot of things you can do in Miami. My husband been there many times and he’s favorite spots is the pier at Howard Park. Mike said he will take me there someday and visit key west. I miss beaches so I am sure I would love to visit a place like Miami, Florida.

Anyhow, to those people who are looking for a Used Cars in Miami, you can visit They have a lot of used cars and trucks available. You can easily find it at their newest listings or you can browse your favorite car model in the bottom of the page. Either you are looking for a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jeep, Toyota, Ford F-150, Chevrolet and a lot more. Don’t forget to visit their blog at

Dustin and Dana picnic

They love to sit down under the tree. Dustin grab the quilt and lay it on the ground. They pretend to do the picnic thing but they didn't bring any food and drinks. Anyhow, we are waiting for daddy to come home and while waiting for daddy, we do picture taking hehe :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Overseas Moving

In the world we live in nowadays people are moving all over the world. There are a lot of reasons why people moved, either they don't like the place and want to look for a nice neighborhood that has a better deal, because of work? or maybe because of a better opportunity? What you think? We moved because of my husband job transfer. We decided to move from the mountain to the Valley. At least we don't need to travel accross the sea.

Anyhow, talking about Overseas Moving, I found this International Moving for Sea and Air Shipping online. They are the Overseas Moving Specialists. You can get a free estimate quote at their website and see how much it will cost. If you are planning to move overseas, this is the right website for you to visit. Their company has a lot to offer. The International Shipping seems very affordable. If you are one of those International Movers, you can rely to their company. They will help you move an easy way and with no hassle. Estimate now your international move or call 1-866-788-1090.


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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting better or not?

Thunder’s elbow seems not getting better. My husband said it looks better than before but when I look at it, it seems like its getting worst. I am not sure but we still keep putting pads and Neosporin so that it won’t get infected. Poor Thunder, he might having hard time laying down especially when he lays down in a dirt. We are trying not to leave them too long in their kennel. I usually put them in the patio and change the pads twice a day. I know many dogs have elbow problem, hopefully we can find solution on how to make the elbow pads better. We are trying to find better materials and fabric to it but we couldn’t find it yet ,we are just using a temporary elbow pads by using thighs and sanitary pads.

Kia Dealer in Chicago

Two months from now, we will fully paid our Chevrolet Yukon truck. That means, we can sell that truck and get a new one! Actually I already know what car I like but my husband will probably get me a used van. I’m not sure yet but hopefully we can find the right one in a very affordable price. Will see…

Anyhow, I was searching car online and came across to this website at They have a New Kia Dealer in Chicago, I guess I will recommend it to my friend from Chicago, they are also looking for Kia Oil Change for their new Kia Optima. I would love to own Kia Optima or Kia Amante but of course it depends on my husband on what type of car he likes. Whatever he likes, I am sure I will like it too.

So if you are looking for a new or used car model for you and your family, visit and find out those car model at their new and used vehicle inventory. Try also their 30 second express credit approval. For more details visit their website or call 888-711-0920.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Develop strategic marketing plan with that advertising agency!

Advertising agency have a big role in the business world. They are the one who help the business become popular. They will produce and distribute advertisement to sell the products and services. Without a good plan and any help of the advertising agency, the business won’t become successful and the consumer won’t be able to know the product you are trying to sell. There are many types of advertisement, you can either do it on TV, Radio, Magazines or even in a newspaper.

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Our family photo!

We're just cleaning the front yard and put fertilizers in the lawn. Since the kids bought the quilt to sit on, I was thinking to take a family photos of us.  It turn out pretty good!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Silicone Roofing from Polo International

Most commercial businesses nowadays prefer to use the silicone roofing. Have you wondered why? Silicone Roofing are known for his toughness and durability. It’s high performance than any other traditional roofing that other commercial and industrial businesses use. Here are the five reasons to choose the UltraBondRS System: half the cost of a new roof, energy rebates available, 15yr leak free warranty, miami-dade country approved and tried, tested, proven. It is worth the money you paid.

If I own a commercial or any kind of business, I will consider to use this UltrabondRS, Silicone Roofing System from POLO International. You can visit their website at for a commercial roofing information. You can get a free quote directly to their website. Just fill up the short form and send. Actually I was browsing their website right now and I like all the photos they’ve showed. I like that kind of roof that Ocean Place at Nassau, Bahamas resort. It’s kind a unique and wish to visit that resort someday and experience the luxurious getaway vacation with my husband and kids.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canadian Pharmacy

Canada is the place I will consider to visit someday. I been longing to see the Niagara Falls and experience all the wonderful attraction in Canada. Stay in the most luxurious hotels, eat at the world famous falls view restaurants, having fun with the kids at their indoor parks. There are a lot of things to explore in Canada. I would like to visit my friend and stay a week or two. Actually I just talk with my friend from Canada and she’s working as a caregiver. She’s been working there for more than 2 years now and Niagara Falls is about 45 minutes drive to their home.

We talk a lot today and I end up sharing her this Canadian pharmacy. I ask her if she tried the Canadian internet pharmacy before and she says ‘no’ but she loves to give it a try. Like me, I get lazy to go out in the pharmacy to buy medicine and since there’s an easiest way to get medicine online and not having problem to go out and drive, so it’s a good idea to order it online anyway. You can save time, gas and money. So if I were you I would consider to try the Cheap Canadian drugs from To get an affordable medications visit or call their toll free number 1-877-270-3784.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unplanned flooring...

This is what happen when you are not prepared to do the flooring. My husband use the right concrete but the problem is he didn’t put a latex bonding agent. When it gets dry, it has a lot of cracking and he is supposed to break some part of it but he end up breaking it all up and redo it again. Well, its kind a lot of work, if he put the latex bonding agent before, then we don’t have problem like this. I guess we need to buy another concrete and latex bonding agent and redo everything. It cost a lot of money but what can we do? We need to finish this room before summer.

Friday, April 8, 2011

classic movies!

I shop online once in a while. Whenever I see something that I really like, I buy it without any second thought. This past few months, I shopped less. Me and my husband are trying to save money for our trip this summer, month of August. We will attend convention at Sacramento, California and renew my passport at San Francisco. We will probably stay for more than a week there so that we can also go to some nice parks and visit popular tourist spot in San Francisco.

Anyhow, have you tried to shop at shopwiki? My friend bought Movies and Television at shopwiki and she recommended it to me. Actually she got that Chick Flicks and other Guy Movies because her husband loves to collect classic movies. Well, mike love to watch classic movies, it reminds him on his childhood. I don’t care either the movies are old or new, the important is that the story and the characters are great.

It’s been a long time I never watch Horror and Suspense Films. Most people like this type of movies and if you are looking any type of movies, you can visit, you can also take advantage to their Gifts for Movie Buffs. You can give it to your friends and love ones as a gift and since my niece are doing good in school because she’s on top 10 at their class, I was thinking to give her a new cellphone that way she will be eager to study more and become one of the smartest student in their class.

Me and Dana on Pink

I took this photo last week. The weather was nice and while waiting for daddy to come home, the kids and I are taking some pictures in front of the house. The globe willow that we have in the front yard is growing a lot. I can see some leaves coming out that means spring is here!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Herbalife Diet

Way back then, a friend of mine invited me to join the seminar, its about marketing. I don’t have any idea about marketing but by listening at the seminar, I learned a lot. She told me a lot about it and guess what? She is one of the distributor on that company and she is making a good money to that. She is really good in marketing and since I don’t have any experience about it, I decided to quit and just refer my other friend since she is good at this kind of business.

Have you heard Herbalife? You can become one of the independent Herbalife Distributor in your area. Herbalife is very popular all over the world. I guess some of you out there knows this type of business. At Herbalife, they provide a great way to lose weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. They offer Herbalife Diet for you and your family. If you are looking for a work from home business and would like to promote nutritional supplements from Herbalife, then you need to become one of those independent Herbalife Distributors. This is a great way to make money from home. I would probably consider this type of home business since I am a full time housewife. I guess I need to try one of their products and see how it works. The nearest Herbalife Distributor in our area is Herbalife Parachute so will see if i could find their website.

NJ Solar Energy

Solar energy is a power of the sun to heat things. It uses are limited only by human ingenuity and one of the advantage of solar energy is: less pollution, so its good for the environment and it lowers your utility bills, so you can save money. Plus sometimes, you can get a rebate from the government or public utilities. Like what it said that solar energy is the hope of the future. Wish we could switch to solar energy, that way we don’t need to pay higher bills for our electricity.

One of our friends work at the public utilities and I bet he knows how this solar energy works. If all people used solar energy, then we never have problem about pollution anymore. What you think? Well, I guess I need to learn more about solar energy.

While I’m browsing online and search about this subject, solar energy. I bumped to this website at, they are committed to providing the best solar energy solutions for everyone. Arosa Solar is based in Lakewood, NJ. So when it comes to NJ solar power, NJ solar energy and NJ solar panels, you can rely at! If you are thinking to switch to solar energy and want to save money for your electricity, you might like to try their service and see if this solar energy is right for you. You can contact them by filling up the form at the right side at their website or call them at this number at (866)276-7222.

What a good day!

I'm so happy that I can be able to go out in service this morning. As a mother of two, I know it's hard but I manage to woke up early and makes everything ready. The kids seems very tired this morning when they woke up. Dana didn't eat enough breakfast so I bring something for her to eat as a snack. We have break time so they can wait for that. They are always looking forward for the break time. They love to eat chicken tenders from City Market.

This morning was a good day. It was sunny but its kind a chilly this morning. The kids having fun especially Dana, she likes to ring the door bell. Most of them are not at homes so we just leave an invitation. Since this week starting Wednesday to Saturday. We will have a chance of raining again so it won't be good for the kids to go out on service. So hopefully we can do it again tomorrow, I need to make an arrangements to make sure that we have someone to go with us tomorrow that has territory. Will see :-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

get rid of those unwanted garbage

Mike cleaned our backyard few weeks ago and he moved some of the big wood next to the back fence. We don’t need those anymore and we need to get rid of those unwanted garbage. In able us to take those out and throw in the garbage, we need to rent a trailer that way we don’t need to carry those wood out in the garage. We just need to put it all in a trailer and dump it in the garbage trailer. Good thing both of our trucks got a trailer hitches. It’s been a long time we didn’t use those hitches. So if you are looking for a trailer hitches, you can find them all at, they offer free shipping on $150 minimum order from US and Canada. You can save additional 2% off if you use their promo code. Hurry and get your trailer hitches now at

A Great Day Out

Guest post written by Rosa Watral

My boyfriend Frank and I decided to go out in Manhattan to help my grandmother with a few errands this past Saturday. We mailed some of her letters, scouted out a store for her where they sell Miracle Ear hearing aids, and we also picked up some groceries. I love my grandmother so much, and I was very happy to help her out. IÕm really glad that Frank was willing to come along, as wellÉit was definitely nice to have an extra set of hands with grandmaÕs weekly groceries haul!

While we were out, we did a few things for ourselves, too. Frank took me out to this incredible restaurant for lunch around Union Square that serves specialty mac and cheese. It was absolutely delightful! We heard about this place on TV and it was every bit as good as it was made out to be. He couldnÕt have picked out a better place to have lunchÉI think weÕre going to go back next week, it was soooo good! It was also nice to have a little break between all of shopping activities. In all, the day was a success. We found everything for grandma and had a nice little date, as well.

In the Car

While waiting for my husband to come home. Me and the kids are taking pictures infront of the house. I let the kids play pretend. Dana likes to sit down infront, pretending that she's driving. This photo taken yesterday afternoon. Dustin is the one who take a picture of me and Dana in the car.