Friday, April 8, 2011

classic movies!

I shop online once in a while. Whenever I see something that I really like, I buy it without any second thought. This past few months, I shopped less. Me and my husband are trying to save money for our trip this summer, month of August. We will attend convention at Sacramento, California and renew my passport at San Francisco. We will probably stay for more than a week there so that we can also go to some nice parks and visit popular tourist spot in San Francisco.

Anyhow, have you tried to shop at shopwiki? My friend bought Movies and Television at shopwiki and she recommended it to me. Actually she got that Chick Flicks and other Guy Movies because her husband loves to collect classic movies. Well, mike love to watch classic movies, it reminds him on his childhood. I don’t care either the movies are old or new, the important is that the story and the characters are great.

It’s been a long time I never watch Horror and Suspense Films. Most people like this type of movies and if you are looking any type of movies, you can visit, you can also take advantage to their Gifts for Movie Buffs. You can give it to your friends and love ones as a gift and since my niece are doing good in school because she’s on top 10 at their class, I was thinking to give her a new cellphone that way she will be eager to study more and become one of the smartest student in their class.

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