Monday, April 4, 2011

What a good day!

I'm so happy that I can be able to go out in service this morning. As a mother of two, I know it's hard but I manage to woke up early and makes everything ready. The kids seems very tired this morning when they woke up. Dana didn't eat enough breakfast so I bring something for her to eat as a snack. We have break time so they can wait for that. They are always looking forward for the break time. They love to eat chicken tenders from City Market.

This morning was a good day. It was sunny but its kind a chilly this morning. The kids having fun especially Dana, she likes to ring the door bell. Most of them are not at homes so we just leave an invitation. Since this week starting Wednesday to Saturday. We will have a chance of raining again so it won't be good for the kids to go out on service. So hopefully we can do it again tomorrow, I need to make an arrangements to make sure that we have someone to go with us tomorrow that has territory. Will see :-)

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