Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He wants to become a car expert...

Dustin is a good artist. He loves to draw cars and we probably take him to the art school this year. We just finish the second learning book that we have and I think he is ready to go school this fall. On that book, he learns math, shapes, color, words, rhymes and he learned a lot from those learning book. I know he won't have hard time catching up those subject. Anyhow, while finishing the second learning book, they have a part in it where it said, what you want to be when you grow up? then he color 3 things in the picture, he said he wants to become a teacher, a dentist and a good daddy. Then in the bottom of the page, you only need to answer one thing. His answer is to become a car expert. Hmmm good choice! Since he likes car a lot, he might fulfill that dream in the future. Will see... :-)


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