Saturday, May 29, 2010

Generic Phentermine

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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Our latest photos

Here are some photos taken last Saturday before the Assembly. While were waiting for my husband to get ready, I took some photos of me and the kids as a remembrance. Dustin took the first photo, he did very good. Everyone looks nice and I like my new brown dress. It fits perfectly!

diet supplements

When was the last time we went to the vitamin store? I think that was last month. I still have vitamins but my kids need some. I am sure mike will also try different diet supplements this time since he is on diet. Hopefully he can find the right one. I checked at the website and find out that clinicallix is in the top one in their lists. This might work for my husband because it said, it’s the only diet supplement in fact that doesn’t use any stimulants and it promotes weight loss of 30 pounds in 30 days.


Acne is one of my biggest enemy. I hate having acne and pimples in my face. It makes me feel conscious and I don’t like to look at my face in the mirror. I want to get rid of it right away. My face is kind a sensitive especially if I don’t wash my face before going to sleep or sometimes when I had my period. I need to make it sure that I washed my face everyday and use night cream. I saw some people have a really bad acne, maybe they need to try acneticin. This is a different kind of acne treatment because it attacks from inside the body and working at the source. It helps you to take control of your acne. Acneticin has 84% in consumer’s approval rating. For more details about this product visit

Term life insurance

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Our New Family Photos

We're getting ready for our circuit assembly that will be held at the Avilon Theater, downtown Grand Junction. This photo taken last Saturday before the Assembly. I'm glad I had a chance to take family photos before we go. Dana look so lovely in her purple dress and Dustin look very handsome as well as daddy. This is our happy family!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gold bullion for investment

Gold bullion and gold coins is one of the popular investment especially to those people who wants to protect their money and create wealth legacy in their family. This is better than to have your money in a bank or have it in cash. There’s a lot of advantages when you buy gold bullion. If you have big amount of savings in a bank, why just turn it into gold coins and bullion? The trusted company I will absolutely recommend when it comes to gold bullion and gold coins is the They are your trusted gold authority that you can trust and rely on. If you have any questions about how to invest in gold and other precious metals, you can contact them at this number 1-800-775-3504 or visit their website for more details.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Visit a friend...

Yesterday, I had a chance to go to the Filipino store to buy some Filipino food I like. I bought Tocino, sotanghon noodles in a cup, century tuna, soy sauce, hopia and other snacks. It was kind a windy but the weather was nice. I bring Cocao our Pitbull with us. She is our guard. Mike always remind me to bring Cocao wherever I go. It makes us feel safe when she’s with us. I drove the truck and went to my friend Marsha. It’s been a long time I never seen her. She’s like a mother to me. I feel really close to her because it reminds me with my mom from the Philippines. I missed my mom so much, hope we can go back home next year! After an hour, I planned to stop by at City Market to buy Chicken and hotdog. This chicken and hotdogs are for our dogs for dinner and breakfast. I left Dustin at my friends house and pick him up after I done doing the grocery shopping. When we came home, Dana was already asleep and it is just perfect time to clean the house and cook dinner for my husband.

Took some photos...

I took some photos and videos today while my kids having fun playing and they also climbing on daddy’s back, giving him massage. I had fun watching them, they are so cute! I love it when Dana laugh and riding daddy’s back like a horse. My camcorder don’t have enough space that’s why I need to delete some of the videos I took. I already download videos of my kids on Youtube so that their grandma can see it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

diets for quick weight loss

When it comes to diet pills, do you know any product diets for quick weight loss? Most people wants to get the quick weight loss product that works fast, safe and effective. If I gain weight, I want to get the diet pills that can easily get rid of my fat and weight loss quick as much as one month? You think that works? I don’t want to wait for a year to loss weight. I don’t want to spend a lot also. Maybe I am very demanding but I am sure many of you are trying different kind of diet pills and looking for a quick diet weight loss program that really works.

I'm Driving!

This photo taken last Tuesday, 4th of May. I was waiting for my husband and Dustin because Dana sleeping in the car. They went to the store to get the prescription, I am the driver that time because Mike don't feel good. I am not really comfortable driving when my husband is around. I can't concentrate my driving and I always make mistakes especially for my parking. But I'm glad it wen't well that time and he didn't say anything with my driving skills hehe :-)

Buy lotion...

We went to the Mesa Mall this morning to walk around and let the kids play at the mall playground. We had lunch at the Mesa Mall Food Court and after lunch we are headed at the mall playground. It was fun and the kids really had great time except Dana because she seems scared to see all those kids running around. She looks very serious and she cry everytime the kids bumped into her. Anyhow, we didn’t stay too long at the playground. Before my husband decided to go home, I asks him if we can go to the bath and body works to look for a lotion and he say of course. I bought my favorite lotion and I try some of their lotion too for testers. I was wondering if they also have acne lotion here? Anyhow, I got what I want to buy and we’re headed home since my dental appointment postponed for next week.

Prenatal Vitamins

What kind of prenatal vitamins are you taking? I already stop taking my prenatal vitamins a year ago and I’m using one a day women vitamins. Last time when I talk with my friend from the Philippines, I just find out that she just had a baby girl. She ask me what prenatal vitamins I am taking and I told her about it and she is planning to get one because she is nursing her little one and I think prenatal vitamins is really important when you are nursing your baby. You can also take prenatal vitamins when you just starting to get pregnant. It helps the baby to grow healthy when they come out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad day this week...

We really had a bad day this week. My husband got sick and Dustin got hurt. It worries me when my husband came home last Monday, because he told me that he don't feel well and he felt intense pain on his stomach. He took a day off that time and we went to the doctor for check up. Then in the afternoon while Dustin playing, he fell in his toy shovel and his knee got hurt. He got really scared when he saw blood and he never stop crying. I'm glad he's okay now and my husband too as well. He get back to work this morning and Dustin is playing again outside. Anyhow, while he's playing outside, Dana and I are just staying here in the computer room. I'm watching my favorite tv show online and while watching it, I research a magazine and bumped to this website at atv. This is a nice sports magazine, you can see the video and photos. Check it out to find out more and don't forget to subscribe to atv enews.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie time!

I’ve seen Avatar movie 3 times online but I couldn’t get enough with it. I still want to see it again and again. When I watch it online, I need to pause it every now and then to stop buffering. I don’t like it when it buffers in the middle of the movie especially in the good part. Yesterday, while we’re doing our shopping we saw a great deal for Avatar DVD. If we buy 1 liter Coke, Woonka Gummy candy and a popcorn, we will get the DVD for 12 bucks. So my husband bought all we need and got the movie we like! We had dinner at City Market too and when we got home, I made some popcorn and we watch the movie Avatar. I really like this movie, I want to watch it again next time. Sitting with my husband and my kids, eating popcorn and snacks while watching movie is really fun. Hope we can do this again some other time.