Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie time!

I’ve seen Avatar movie 3 times online but I couldn’t get enough with it. I still want to see it again and again. When I watch it online, I need to pause it every now and then to stop buffering. I don’t like it when it buffers in the middle of the movie especially in the good part. Yesterday, while we’re doing our shopping we saw a great deal for Avatar DVD. If we buy 1 liter Coke, Woonka Gummy candy and a popcorn, we will get the DVD for 12 bucks. So my husband bought all we need and got the movie we like! We had dinner at City Market too and when we got home, I made some popcorn and we watch the movie Avatar. I really like this movie, I want to watch it again next time. Sitting with my husband and my kids, eating popcorn and snacks while watching movie is really fun. Hope we can do this again some other time.

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