Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My bad...

Yesterday, I didn't use my laptop whole day because it don't have connection. I wonder why because I used this computer the night before the connection was out. I tried many times, restart my computer, restart our desktop, reset the router, unplugged all the wires and put it back, wiggle all the wires and keep trying to connect it but it doesn't work. After that night when I tell my husband about it and he said keep trying again. I can't restart the desktop because he was using and playing his game until I found out the problem. I check the connection again and I have two different connection, the other one said the connection is unplugged and the other one is connection is not connected. I right click the one that said unplugged and click the plugged then suddenly the connection is back. That was my bad because I didn't check it right away hehe... I was wondering why this happens? I am sure Dustin trying to messing up my computer because he said he is trying to fix it by himself. How he can fix it? He is only 4 years old. Silly boy hehe :-) I'm glad the connection is back and now I can use my computer and update my blog.

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