Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad day this week...

We really had a bad day this week. My husband got sick and Dustin got hurt. It worries me when my husband came home last Monday, because he told me that he don't feel well and he felt intense pain on his stomach. He took a day off that time and we went to the doctor for check up. Then in the afternoon while Dustin playing, he fell in his toy shovel and his knee got hurt. He got really scared when he saw blood and he never stop crying. I'm glad he's okay now and my husband too as well. He get back to work this morning and Dustin is playing again outside. Anyhow, while he's playing outside, Dana and I are just staying here in the computer room. I'm watching my favorite tv show online and while watching it, I research a magazine and bumped to this website at atv. This is a nice sports magazine, you can see the video and photos. Check it out to find out more and don't forget to subscribe to atv enews.

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