Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Visit a friend...

Yesterday, I had a chance to go to the Filipino store to buy some Filipino food I like. I bought Tocino, sotanghon noodles in a cup, century tuna, soy sauce, hopia and other snacks. It was kind a windy but the weather was nice. I bring Cocao our Pitbull with us. She is our guard. Mike always remind me to bring Cocao wherever I go. It makes us feel safe when she’s with us. I drove the truck and went to my friend Marsha. It’s been a long time I never seen her. She’s like a mother to me. I feel really close to her because it reminds me with my mom from the Philippines. I missed my mom so much, hope we can go back home next year! After an hour, I planned to stop by at City Market to buy Chicken and hotdog. This chicken and hotdogs are for our dogs for dinner and breakfast. I left Dustin at my friends house and pick him up after I done doing the grocery shopping. When we came home, Dana was already asleep and it is just perfect time to clean the house and cook dinner for my husband.

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