Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Driving!

This photo taken last Tuesday, 4th of May. I was waiting for my husband and Dustin because Dana sleeping in the car. They went to the store to get the prescription, I am the driver that time because Mike don't feel good. I am not really comfortable driving when my husband is around. I can't concentrate my driving and I always make mistakes especially for my parking. But I'm glad it wen't well that time and he didn't say anything with my driving skills hehe :-)


Allen's Darling said...

Fe, im happy for u're driving already. Way to go...cheers!

Jes said...

nice driving sis! I am also not confortable driving when husband is there though I am actually not yet a good driver...when I am practicing with him were always end up fighting ehehhehe =) so i'd rather hire a trainor than to get mad at him! =P