Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My bad...

Yesterday, I didn't use my laptop whole day because it don't have connection. I wonder why because I used this computer the night before the connection was out. I tried many times, restart my computer, restart our desktop, reset the router, unplugged all the wires and put it back, wiggle all the wires and keep trying to connect it but it doesn't work. After that night when I tell my husband about it and he said keep trying again. I can't restart the desktop because he was using and playing his game until I found out the problem. I check the connection again and I have two different connection, the other one said the connection is unplugged and the other one is connection is not connected. I right click the one that said unplugged and click the plugged then suddenly the connection is back. That was my bad because I didn't check it right away hehe... I was wondering why this happens? I am sure Dustin trying to messing up my computer because he said he is trying to fix it by himself. How he can fix it? He is only 4 years old. Silly boy hehe :-) I'm glad the connection is back and now I can use my computer and update my blog.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mortgage calculator

How bad or good your credit score is? Well, we are still fortunate that we are in average. We still have debt to pay and we are trying our best to pay them not before the due date. It's hard when only one person making money in the house. My husband is working and I am staying in the house with our two kids. We are also trying to save little bit so that we can travel next year. Anyhow, if you are looking to find out what your credit score is. You might want to visit They also have a free mortgage calculator that you can try. Calculate your mortgage and check your credit score for free at!

roadside assistance

I saw many people own RVs here in Grand Junction area. How I wish I can ride one of them. Actually our neighbor has one and I saw what it looks like inside when they open the door. It was really nice, look like a real house inside with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Anyhow, do you own an RV? Have you experienced having an RV breakdown? Isn't that a challenge when your having an RV Breakdown? If so, then why not call Good Sam? is the one you need! They are the helping Rvers since 1984, it's over 25 years of roadside assistance. If you have problem with your RVs you can contact them right away and the help will come to you. The costs is very affordable. Emergency road service is only cost $109.95. For more details visit their website at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodies for tonight...

Chocolate and walnuts cookies

Banana bread
I baked banana bread and cookies this afternoon. Everybody deserve to have a treat for tonight. Mike will be tired from work and the kids loves cookies and since I have all the ingredients, I decided to make some. When was the last time I baked cookies? Hmmm maybe last year hehe. I'm so glad that it turned out good. It didn't burn this time. This are our goodies for tonight and everyone loves it hehe :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

can't sleep...

I didn't talk with my sister last night because I sleep early. I still have headache due to the procedure they make when my dentist put bridge in my front teeth. Dana is not feeling well also. She had a fever because she has tooth coming out in the top. So I didn't sleep well last night. It wakes me up every time Dana makes noise. I'm glad she feel better now this morning, her fever went down but still she's fussy and always wants me to carry her. Well, that's what happen when the kids get sick. I'm still worry about my mom because she can't hardly sleep due to her hard cough. I mentioned to her that in case she can't sleep at night, maybe she needs to take sleeping pill. I'm not sure if does help but hopefully.


I was reading one of the article online about irvingia. I was really amazed how irvingia gabonensis know as the wild mango tree or bush mango can be used as a weight loss. I am very curious with this because this is my first time to hear this word irvingia. The one they used as a weight loss is not the tree of course, it is the seeds. Isn't that interesting? For more details at this article, you might want to visit and find out the truth about irvingia at

Monday, April 19, 2010

Best hemorrhoid treatment

I can't imagine myself having a hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is one of an irritating, painful and embarrassing illness that most people don't want to have. How many people in the US or outside the US suffer hemorrhoid? I don't even know but I am sure many of them. Many of them really want to get rid of this hemorrhoid, for best hemorrhoid treatment, you might want to visit Their hemorrhoid treatments are top rated and reviewed to all honest valued customers. Try it now and get rid those ugly and painful hemorrhoid.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lost page rank...

When was the last time that I have page rank at this blog? I can’t remember, all I know its been a year I think. I am not sure if there’s a chance that I can get back my page rank again. But hopefully, because that’s the only way that I can get more assignments in blog advertising. Well, I am just crossing my fingers that google will give my page rank back. My femikey designs also lost page rank, no wonder I only have few assignments. Anyhow, it’s okay maybe I need to wait for a couple of months because I am sure mr. google will do an update and give page rank to those who are deserving to have. I just need to keep update this blog and post more interesting topic.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I missed them...

Being away to your family is hard. There’s no day that I think about them. I missed them especially my mom. I am sure my mom can’t wait to see her grand children Dustin and Dana. I missed all my friends too but I tried to contact them this past few weeks, but none of them answered. The number they gave me before is not available anymore, cannot be reach and sometimes its off. Well, I need to try next time. I already tell my sister to text one of the number and ask if they have available number that I can contact. I am still waiting for my sister’s reply. Even though I couldn’t talk my friends in the Philippines. I still make a call to some of my Pinay friends here in Colorado area. I have one that we communicate a lot in the phone. She’s a newbie here in Colorado and I can relate what she felt right now because I felt that way before also when I came here in Colorado. She seems very nice and I am looking forward to meet her personally hopefully if we can visit Denver this year. Will see…

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cosmetology school in Maryland

Have you ever dream of having your own beauty saloon but you need to enhance your knowledge and skills at this area? Well, no worries because with the help of the Regency Beauty Institute, they can help you achieve your goals. They have a talented crew of educators and unique program, so if you finished the course you can find a great job at this field right away with the help of their national job placement network. I saw many talented beauty artists and they really pretty good! We have many beauty saloon in Grand Junction area and I am sure they are happy to make their customers satisfied at their service. Actually I went to one of the saloon here and for my first impression, they have great hairstylists and professional beauty artists. They have lot of customers that time, so I was thinking, maybe they have really good service and all customers are totally satisfied. Well, if you are one of those people that wants to learn about beauty, then you better go to Cosmetology school in Maryland. They are the fastest growing beauty school in the country and they have almost 30 campuses across nine states. Visit now and find out the specific campus locations. Who knows! Maybe there is one in your area!

My Philippine Passport - will expire next month

I was checking my passport this past few days and I was kind a worry because my passport will expired next month. I called some of my Filipino friends because maybe they've done this before, renewing their old Philippine Passport. Good thing because she gave me an advice on how to renew and where to submit the requirements. She also told me the Philippine Consulate website in San Francisco. I got their number and called them right away and asks some questions. I'm glad a nice Filipina girl answer the phone, makes me feel comfortable to talk. I got everything I need, all I have to do is to notarized this letter and form and got a passport ID. We will try to send this either this week or next week. Will see...

I'm glad I did!

Wow! Summer is fast approaching. I can't believe that we're in 70s-80s this week. I love it! I love this kind of weather. I don't need to worry about wearing jacket when I go outside. I can wear now my pretty high heels. Anyhow, I am so glad that I go out in service this morning. Even though there's a part of me that say “I don't have to” because I don't feel good last night but in my heart and mind, I really want to go. I was very surprised though because there is no brother came, only few sisters including me, it was a small car group. We have great morning because it was sunny and blue sky. I have great call in my return visit and the kids are having fun. When we get home, I threat Dustin with a double cheese burger and a french fries from burger king and a whopper junior for me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

brochure printing

When we sell our puppies a year ago, we’re the one who make our own flyers. It doesn’t need to be look like a professional type as long the buyers can view the pictures, the price and the address where they can contact us. Then last year Mike started a small business and he wants me to make him a business cards. It takes a while before I get done and find a perfect graphics for his business card. I make it very simple and I’m glad he likes it. Next time if we could make a business cards, postcards, or any brochure printing in a professional way. I would recommend because they offer free for mailing lists, free sample pack and free custom quote. They also offer a custom designs with great prices too! Check it out and see for your self!

Kids in the wagon...

This is the time of the year where the kids can get out and play. This photos taken yesterday, the weather is really nice, it was sunny and 60 degrees temperature. Mike is building Dustin's play port. The kids are playing and sitting in the wagon while I'm helping their daddy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday rants...

It was Friday morning, I'm kind a tired and lazy. Good thing because the weather is nice outside. It was sunny and blue sky. Dustin don't feel good this morning because he has a cough. I need to give him cough medication and hopefully it won't get worst this afternoon. Today is supposed to be Mike's day off but I think his working today overtime. Dana is still sleeping, she woke up late every morning, I think she's growing more! She is just a sweetie pie with lots of character.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Got new earrings from bidz!

I am very fascinated with earrings. I am not crazy on the necklaces because Dana likes to pull it all the time. Actually I have lot of pair of earrings but I never get enough with it. Every time I see beautiful earrings, I want to purchase it right away as long it’s not expensive. I’m glad to become a member of Bidz because they have all the earrings I like and they offer a great prices! I am always looking for the higher retail price but the bid price is in below 10 or 15. This morning, I bid a nice beautiful pair of earrings, its color pink and the retail price is $140 and I got it for only $9. I pay $15.46 including the shipping. Isn’t that a great deal? Now, I am just waiting for my package to be delivered. I think it takes about 5-7 days. So I am looking forward with it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Great investment potential

Gold is very valuable. Many people use this for an investment and some are just keeping it to protect their money and wealth. They can exchange it to a most higher rate when the time comes. As for the wealthy people, owning gold is the safest way. Are you one of those people that are planning to invest this kind of valuable gold coins and bullions? Then you came to the right place. It’s time to buy gold bullion at In China, they raised by 0.5% , so everyone was watching gold. Like what they said, don’t place all your gold coins in one basket. If you want to benefit later in life and looking for a perfect way to safeguard your savings then you better jump to this great investment potential by investing gold coins and bullions. For more information, visit and don’t forget to contact them for any questions.