Thursday, April 8, 2010

Got new earrings from bidz!

I am very fascinated with earrings. I am not crazy on the necklaces because Dana likes to pull it all the time. Actually I have lot of pair of earrings but I never get enough with it. Every time I see beautiful earrings, I want to purchase it right away as long it’s not expensive. I’m glad to become a member of Bidz because they have all the earrings I like and they offer a great prices! I am always looking for the higher retail price but the bid price is in below 10 or 15. This morning, I bid a nice beautiful pair of earrings, its color pink and the retail price is $140 and I got it for only $9. I pay $15.46 including the shipping. Isn’t that a great deal? Now, I am just waiting for my package to be delivered. I think it takes about 5-7 days. So I am looking forward with it.

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