Thursday, November 29, 2007

Telenovela Addict...

Well, I cant deny that im one of those people who love to watch telenovela. Everyday Im looking forward to see it on TV, but when I move here on States I cant watch it anymore because we dont have TFC (The Filipino Channel). My husband decided to apply Filipino channel, but we have Dish Network and they dont have TFC, they only have mabuhay channel, Viva, NBN4 and RPN9. So, I still can’t watch my favorite Filipino Programs like wowowee and telenovela except Viva because I can still watch old viva movies. But I don’t worry about it so much, because YouTube is there to make it possible. Everyday I can still watch Ysabella, Lastikman and Pangarap na Bituin. Thanks Carla for uploading all the videos. You always rock girl!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am not into Gambling, but before when I’m still single and work at the internet cafĂ© as a Computer typist. Playing slots plus is one of the game I used to play online. People do gambling for fun, they just want to spend their money and hoping that they could win more. When I married my husband, I never play it again online because I know he wont like it.

When we visit Las Vegas last August on this year, I saw lots of people gambling. Las Vegas is very popular city for Gambling and more exciting fun. That is the busiest city I’ve ever seen. Because when were there, even at 2am in the morning, people are all over the city. Las Vegas, you can find different kind of gambling stuff in there. Lots of Luxury Hotel and Casinos, big malls, places that people could really enjoy their stay. You can choice whatever you want! Well now, you don’t have to go to Vegas to play because now they have lots of different online casino on the web and you can play your favorite game without spending a lot! If you want to find your luck then try Fortune Room maybe you will be lucky then.

Software that works best

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Another Scam?

25dollarsmail, is this a scam or real? well, its hard to believe that they pay $2000 to sign up, $200 referral bonus and $200 every PTC. Where they can get the money to pay all the members? I research it on Google about 25dollarsmail and lots of people says that it is part of a scams. I try to join it but it makes me tired to click all the ads and maybe it will take me forever to reach that $90,000 (free members). But before that you need to pay too for about $500 for a lifetime membership, and $299 before 6000 members. You can decide if you upgrade it into platinum, gold and silver membership. It sounds crazy! Its hard to believe so i will delete my account and stop wasting my time to them. I think this is the same as Aglocomails. Maybe its ok if they will pay 0.1 cents for every ads like on ClixnCash and Clickthru, then i will believe that they are not scam. What you think people?

Playing with his Cars

Dustin, playing with his cars. We just bought that 5 cars on the first row for only 10 dollars. It's not that bad but he really loves it. He enjoyed playing with it, he parks all his cars. He still have more to file though hehe :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smorty - Blog for money

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog
After a few days of searching online of how to make money on my blog, I end up this website Smorty. My friend of mine refer this page the last day, but I just ignore it. But when I started to learn how their website works then I started to think, why not try it? maybe this works better than the other blog advertising. There is a lot of blog advertising that do the same thing but I wonder, do they pay more than this one? Well, it doesn't matter for me, because I love writing blog and its nice to give reviews to the products that you really love. Blogging is the other way to earn money amd to learn more about these thing was interesting, because while your writing a blog and reviews you can earn an extra cash. So what are you waiting for? Get paid for blogging and start earning now! Nothing to lose if you try it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Scrapbook

I am not into scrapbooking thing but it urge my interest to do and make my own. Dustin is growing up and I want to keep all his wonderful memories when he was a baby and of course not only for him but also our family memories together. I didn't know that scrapbooking is fun, I just started it last Saturday and im starting to like it. Here are some of the scrapbook I made.

Save with Amazon Discount!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Cash Advance

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Advantage Auto Quotes

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sketch of the day!

Fergie, a very unique name. Singer from a band name "Black Eyed Peas". One of the singers I admired. She got a talent, great voice, body and gorgeous face. I really like her new song title "Big Girls Don't Cry" as you can hear the background music of my blog. She's my sketch of the day! I put the lyrics too. Hope you all like it.

Get more traffic!

Bloggers do anything to increase the traffic from their website or blogs. It's really hard to get a lot of traffic especially if your blog dont have an interested topic that caughts attention from the other bloggers. Blogging are very popular all over the world, they really love to share their thoughts, their ideas, opinions and point of views and they want to spread it all over the world. Im one of them! I started writing blogs since June and im really interested to post more topics, find how to get more visitors and increase my traffic. My English is not that perfect, sometimes my grammar is wrong but it doesn't mean i will stop doing these, no one is perfect at least I tried right? Anyway, This day while im checking my blogs, one of the bloggers send me this link of how to increase traffic to my blog, so I give it a try and see how it works. [Click Here] to find out!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Scam or Real?

I found a website that really pays a lot but i dont know if this real or a scam. It's so hard to believe that for every email you receive from them then they will pay you $100. If you sign up, you can get $50 right away. I know there's a lot of scam on the web and we need to be careful with that. I know its crazy but i want to try it with myself and see if they are scam or not. So I joined on their website and boom i got $50, after few hours they send an email on my account and after visiting the website they credit the $100. So i got $150 for 1 day! Let see if how it works if I reach the time that I could cash out the money and receive my first check from them. If they dont send the check or money then thats the time i wil believe that they part of a scam on the web. Nothing to lose on me because I still didn't upgrade my account into premium membership. So well see after the cash out time. [Click Here] to find out about their website and see to yourself if its a part of scam or a reality?

What Happen to Bloggerwave?

Is there anything wrong to Bloggerwave? Last week I just sign up and they accept my blog right away, then they give me the first job to write a review but after a few days, I cant sign in anymore, it said that my password is wrong, so Im thinking maybe they have a problem to their website, so I ask another password to them so that i can sign in back. Then last another day they keep sending me email telling that they already accept my blog! I receive about 15-20 emails from them but its all the same and its freaking me off coz when i check my bloggerwave account, it seems like its go back to the start again and they want me to do the review for the second time. My account is already Active but then when i check it, its came back to Pending Status. What's happening? Anything wrong? Is anyone out there experienced also the same?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Photos

Last night, I cant wait to go to Wallmart to pick up our Family photos at the studio. When my husband went home from work we go right away to pick it up. It takes 3 weeks before we can get our photos but I think its worth to wait and Im happy to have it. Here are some of our photos:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are very unique in there ways. Women are looking forward to receiving a diamond especially on their wedding day. Men love to give diamond gifts to the one they love. Either its Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Sapphire Rings or even Diamond Pendants. These are the Diamond that women love. That’s why they say, “Diamonds are a girls best friend“. I dont know why but i think it's true.

When my husband and I met each other. He bought me this wonderful Engagement Ring. He surprised me at that time. I was so flattered and felt amazed when I received the Ring. I never thought of wearing that kind of Ring in my whole life, it makes me afraid to wear it because maybe someone will take it from me because robbery in the Philippines is really bad. This Ring is worth a lot and I need to take care of it and not to loose it.

Anyway, today while I’m searching online about different kinds of Rings, I end up on this website "My Solitaire". They have lot of different kinds of Gemstones. You would love to see them all. If you are thinking about what the best gift you can give to your wife, girlfriend or fiancee? This is the right website for you! This is a perfect website for those men looking for a perfect gift to give for the one they love. Find the best Engagement Ring, Diamond Rings, Black Diamond Rings, Sapphire Rings or even Diamond Pendants. It looks expensive but its really worth it because Diamonds are forever. These are one of a kind certified Diamonds. If your wondering about the difference between Regular Diamonds and Certified Diamonds. Certified Diamonds are able to be insured for their full value by your Insurance Company, and you get a certificate of authentification.

If you are having a problem deciding what kind of Jewelry or Diamonds you want to buy, then nothing to worry about because on their website you can just send your email then the staff will send you the rings and bands buying guide. And guess what? If you are not satisfied with the Ring and you want to give it back? They are giving you 30-days to return that package! If you are having problem with your budget, then not to worry about it because they have price ranges that meet with every budget. Find the best Diamonds now for your love ones and I know they will cherish it forever.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our 2 Mastiff

These are our 2 Mastiff puppies, they are 7 months old already and you see how they grow so fast here. They are getting more bigger and bigger everyday! Specially Thunder (Pawn), he is such a lazy guy. Princess (Brindle) she's sweet and aggressive specially when it comes to treat. My son Dustin? oh he loves to play with them. We love our puppies!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shop Jeans Online!

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Online Insurance Policy

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