Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smorty - Blog for money

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog
After a few days of searching online of how to make money on my blog, I end up this website Smorty. My friend of mine refer this page the last day, but I just ignore it. But when I started to learn how their website works then I started to think, why not try it? maybe this works better than the other blog advertising. There is a lot of blog advertising that do the same thing but I wonder, do they pay more than this one? Well, it doesn't matter for me, because I love writing blog and its nice to give reviews to the products that you really love. Blogging is the other way to earn money amd to learn more about these thing was interesting, because while your writing a blog and reviews you can earn an extra cash. So what are you waiting for? Get paid for blogging and start earning now! Nothing to lose if you try it.



hi fem, happy for you that you found your way through smorty, sometimes i think it's better than payperpost, wag mo pabasa to sa ppp ha, (LOL) keep up the good job...^^

femikey said...

thanks lord manila stone, yah i dont like also the other one kc everytime im log in e d nila accept, d ata magwork eh hehe so i found this one and it works pretty good too, so im hoping na ma approve para maka earn u know hehe :-)