Thursday, November 29, 2007

Telenovela Addict...

Well, I cant deny that im one of those people who love to watch telenovela. Everyday Im looking forward to see it on TV, but when I move here on States I cant watch it anymore because we dont have TFC (The Filipino Channel). My husband decided to apply Filipino channel, but we have Dish Network and they dont have TFC, they only have mabuhay channel, Viva, NBN4 and RPN9. So, I still can’t watch my favorite Filipino Programs like wowowee and telenovela except Viva because I can still watch old viva movies. But I don’t worry about it so much, because YouTube is there to make it possible. Everyday I can still watch Ysabella, Lastikman and Pangarap na Bituin. Thanks Carla for uploading all the videos. You always rock girl!

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