Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby on a Bucket

This is Dustin my 23 months old son, he will be 23 months tomorow. This is a picture of him that I took last night while his inside on the bucket. It was fun to watch him trying to fit himself on that little bucket. I used to put all his toys in there, maybe his thinking "you think i could fit in there?" hehe :-) well you did!



hi fem, ang cute talaga ng baby mo, siguro artistahin yan paglaki, hihihi, feeling ko huli na yata ako sa pagpopost ng mga paid opps, kailangan kong humabol, hihihi

femikey said...

thank you for the compliments sa baby ko hehe, yah cute talaga yan mana sa daddy nya.likot na masyado mag 2 yrs na yan this january 2, dont worry pwede kapa humabol sa paid opps, :-) wish u luck k c yah! thanks again for dropping here on my blogs