Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Scam?

25dollarsmail, is this a scam or real? well, its hard to believe that they pay $2000 to sign up, $200 referral bonus and $200 every PTC. Where they can get the money to pay all the members? I research it on Google about 25dollarsmail and lots of people says that it is part of a scams. I try to join it but it makes me tired to click all the ads and maybe it will take me forever to reach that $90,000 (free members). But before that you need to pay too for about $500 for a lifetime membership, and $299 before 6000 members. You can decide if you upgrade it into platinum, gold and silver membership. It sounds crazy! Its hard to believe so i will delete my account and stop wasting my time to them. I think this is the same as Aglocomails. Maybe its ok if they will pay 0.1 cents for every ads like on ClixnCash and Clickthru, then i will believe that they are not scam. What you think people?

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