Friday, November 2, 2007

Our 2 Mastiff

These are our 2 Mastiff puppies, they are 7 months old already and you see how they grow so fast here. They are getting more bigger and bigger everyday! Specially Thunder (Pawn), he is such a lazy guy. Princess (Brindle) she's sweet and aggressive specially when it comes to treat. My son Dustin? oh he loves to play with them. We love our puppies!


Mr. Grudge said...

What massive dogs. They look like protectors of your son. Have fun with them and good luck.

Lizeth Rafael said...

holy cow! they are gorgeous! :) and they're puppies pa lang??? wow!

femikey said...

yup! they are still puppies! laki no? hehe they are so gentle and cuddly, but they are so heavy! :-)