Friday, November 9, 2007

What Happen to Bloggerwave?

Is there anything wrong to Bloggerwave? Last week I just sign up and they accept my blog right away, then they give me the first job to write a review but after a few days, I cant sign in anymore, it said that my password is wrong, so Im thinking maybe they have a problem to their website, so I ask another password to them so that i can sign in back. Then last another day they keep sending me email telling that they already accept my blog! I receive about 15-20 emails from them but its all the same and its freaking me off coz when i check my bloggerwave account, it seems like its go back to the start again and they want me to do the review for the second time. My account is already Active but then when i check it, its came back to Pending Status. What's happening? Anything wrong? Is anyone out there experienced also the same?


crazed_heck said...

as far as i can remember i received a mail na they were converting their website to PHP ata...

Rosemarie said...

hay fe bloggerwave is annoying this past few week I've ask to the task about them 3 times and in fact my first assignment with them was approve. will anyway i did the 2nd task but the same as the 1st task i did and 'twas approved but i did not do it again when they ask me to do it 3rd time.