Monday, June 22, 2015

At Forest Cafe, Michigan

Here's our family pics after we had lunch at the Forest Cafe its located at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, Michigan infront of the Sea Life Aquarium. We really enjoy our visit and we are happy to visit my mother in law. I know she's sick and we are hoping that she get better and that she will be able to endure and fight her illness. We love her and its nice to spend time with her. Hope to see  her again next time in our next visit! 

We cross Canada border from Michigan!

We been really wanting to cross Canada from Michigan and we ride a Ferry to do it. We make it though, we did a whole day trip then we stop by at one of the park in the Canada border to take photos, most of it that I took are videos, I need to download those videos on youtube sometime if I get a chance. My daughter are busy chasing the birds that time that's why she's not in the photo. Anyhow, that was a nice trip, we make sure we bring our passport that way we can get it to the Canada border and we go back to the blue water bridge and back to Michigan after. Its a nice day trip for our family. Next time hopefully we can go and see the Niagra Falls in Canada, I am looking forward to do that next time :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

at Stoney Creek Park, Michigan

Everytime we go to Michigan, we don't want to miss to visit the Stoney Creek Park. Last time we get a chance to swim at the beach area of stoney creek. Then of course the things that kids love the most is to play at their playground. My kids love to climb around and explore. We didn't go for a swimming that time, we just go their to play and enjoy the scenery. It was a nice day and we had mom with us. Its a good exercise for her and we had her walker so it was nice. 

The photo above is also taken at Stoney Creek but in the other side of it. Mom was waiting in the car so we got a chance to show the kids the lake and were also looking for fishes and just enjoy the moment as a family. It was not so crowded that time, only couple people was there but the other side of the lake it was really crowded especially where the big playground is. So it was nice visit at Stoney Creek :-)

Went to the Pantry Restaurant for Breakfast

The pantry restaurant is well known to their delicious german pancakes and my husband love to have breakfast there. Every time we visit Michigan, we don't want to miss The Pantry. This is our second time that we went there and of course my husband got an Apple Pancake and my brother in law got the huge German Pancake. I saw how big those pancakes are and I don't think I will be able to eat them all. Its too much sugary for me but of course I got a chance to try it and have couple bites of it and I can say, they are all delicious! I order my favorite ham and cheese omelette and the kids got their favorite order, chicken tenders for my little girl and hamburger for my son. 

Went to sea life aquarium, michigan

Its nice to visit here at Sea Life Aquarium in Michigan.  Kids really love sea life, their aquarium is really nice. Its worth to get in. We spend about more than $80 to get in for 4 of us, two adults and two children. Not including the toys we bought at their gift shop and also our family pictures. Its worth to visit and after that we had dinner at the forest cafe just in front of the sea life entrance and of course walk around the mall after dinner :-)

Its nice to be back...

Thanks to our friends who are able to watch our house while were gone for more than 2 weeks. It was nice to be back. We went to visit my mother in law at Michigan for about 16 days. Now we're back and its a good feeling to be back home. Kids really miss our guinea pigs, fishes and dogs and as well as their friends here in the Valley. Good thing we have a friend that has kids that are able to watch our guinea pigs while were away. That was nice of them to do that. So its nice to be back and see our pets. Our guinea pigs really grown a lot and I was very surprised because all our trees are really look nice and green. I look up in our backyard and we saw tons of weeds. So what we did is we pick up the weeds after the next day and do a yard work. Good thing we don't need to worry about mowing the lawn because one of our friends son come by and do it himself. :-) Now its time to get busy and do some cleaning at the house.

Trip to Michigan!

We been planning to go visit my mother in law at Michigan this past couple weeks because she is having a health problems. Its been 4 years since our last visit in Michigan. Couple months ago, I saw my mother in law and my brother in law visiting us here in the Valley. Mom looks fine and healthy but then after that we heard a bad news. They found out that she has a cancer. She undergo radiation and chemo treatment and hopefully she will  be able to endure and get back to her health again. It was nice visiting her for more than 2 weeks. Were happy that we are able to help her and see her that time. Wish we could stay longer but we have to get back home because the people who are watching our house and dog will attend a very important event the convention and her grand daughter will going to be baptized by then. We need to be back before then, its a long ride but it was nice. Kids are attached to moms dog named Joey. They cried when we left, so hopefully we can get back again and see some other places at Michigan and of course to see mom healthy on our next visit.