Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Its nice to be back...

Thanks to our friends who are able to watch our house while were gone for more than 2 weeks. It was nice to be back. We went to visit my mother in law at Michigan for about 16 days. Now we're back and its a good feeling to be back home. Kids really miss our guinea pigs, fishes and dogs and as well as their friends here in the Valley. Good thing we have a friend that has kids that are able to watch our guinea pigs while were away. That was nice of them to do that. So its nice to be back and see our pets. Our guinea pigs really grown a lot and I was very surprised because all our trees are really look nice and green. I look up in our backyard and we saw tons of weeds. So what we did is we pick up the weeds after the next day and do a yard work. Good thing we don't need to worry about mowing the lawn because one of our friends son come by and do it himself. :-) Now its time to get busy and do some cleaning at the house.

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