Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trip to Michigan!

We been planning to go visit my mother in law at Michigan this past couple weeks because she is having a health problems. Its been 4 years since our last visit in Michigan. Couple months ago, I saw my mother in law and my brother in law visiting us here in the Valley. Mom looks fine and healthy but then after that we heard a bad news. They found out that she has a cancer. She undergo radiation and chemo treatment and hopefully she will  be able to endure and get back to her health again. It was nice visiting her for more than 2 weeks. Were happy that we are able to help her and see her that time. Wish we could stay longer but we have to get back home because the people who are watching our house and dog will attend a very important event the convention and her grand daughter will going to be baptized by then. We need to be back before then, its a long ride but it was nice. Kids are attached to moms dog named Joey. They cried when we left, so hopefully we can get back again and see some other places at Michigan and of course to see mom healthy on our next visit.

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