Tuesday, June 16, 2015

at Stoney Creek Park, Michigan

Everytime we go to Michigan, we don't want to miss to visit the Stoney Creek Park. Last time we get a chance to swim at the beach area of stoney creek. Then of course the things that kids love the most is to play at their playground. My kids love to climb around and explore. We didn't go for a swimming that time, we just go their to play and enjoy the scenery. It was a nice day and we had mom with us. Its a good exercise for her and we had her walker so it was nice. 

The photo above is also taken at Stoney Creek but in the other side of it. Mom was waiting in the car so we got a chance to show the kids the lake and were also looking for fishes and just enjoy the moment as a family. It was not so crowded that time, only couple people was there but the other side of the lake it was really crowded especially where the big playground is. So it was nice visit at Stoney Creek :-)

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