Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cute Jewelry for kids!


My 4 year old little girl love cat, heart and strawberry jewelry and guess what? my online boutique has cat, heart and strawberry jewelries available! I might get her one this week, so get urs now too before sales end! just click the photo above and it will take you directly to my online boutique. Enjoy!

My top jewelry picks!

Here are some of the jewelry that I love the best! This are my top picks! You can get urs by click the photo above and it will direct you to my online boutique. Thanks for the visit and enjoy!

Friday, September 27, 2013

need a new mattress

Last week, we stay 2 nights at the hotel in Denver. We had our one day assembly last Sunday. It was nice, the kids was so happy, they always looking forward to swim at the pool and sleep in a cozy and comfy bed at the hotel. We had great time with our friends and the kids got a chance to play with the Miera’s kids at the pool. Last week, I ask my husband when we are going to buy a new mattress? We really need to get rid of our old mattress and get a new one. In case we will get one, I like the same one as the hotel bed or maybe we can get the mattress latex. I heard a lot about latex mattress, and this type of bed is what we need since my husband has a back problem. The latex mattress from foambymail provide maximum support and pressure relief, alleviating sore backs and necks and its hypoallergenic! I am sure we will be able to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with a happy smile in our face and not having a back pain.

My New Online Jewelry Boutique!

To all jewelry lovers out there, here is the perfect website for you to visit! I just open my online jewelry boutique and they have great jewelry selections ever in a great prices! They show the flash sale everyday and I bet your going to find the jewelry that meets your style and budget. Feel free to visit and enjoy! here is the page url: or you can click the photo below, it will take you to the main page. Have a great day!

drink filtered water...

We bought this two seychelle water filtration couple months ago when my husband found out online at youtube something about flouride, flouride thats in our water, in our toothpaste and some other stuff we use and how bad it is to our body and its like an eye opening for us not to drink water from the faucet and not to use toothpaste that has flouride in it. We use the non-flouride toothpaste, the organic or natural one that we bought at the health food store. These are one of the changes that we make to our diet too. We drink filtered water and when we're out of town, we drink natural spring water. It taste more different than the regular water that came from our faucet. Seychelle water filter removes 90% of flouride and it removes up to 99.99% of the contaminants and pollutants that can be found in drinking water and so far we have good results to it and my family like it.

Make a change...

This past couple months, we make a lot of changes in our diet. We buy grass fed meat, organic produce for vegetables and fruits and usually all the food we buy is either natural or organic. It's kind a scary to buy all this non-organic food available at the store now, they put a lot of ingredients to it that your not even sure what they are and if they are bad or good to your health, they doesn't care. All they care is money, its all about money. We saw this video about GMO thing and it makes us think, what are we given to our kids? seems like we will harm them if we keep giving them such kind of food. We try not to consume so much dairy, wheat products, corn and even our oil we change it into coconut oil or sometimes we use organic ghee butter. We try not to eat so much sugar too like any kind of desserts and chocolates. I know desserts is really hard to resist and sometimes we have desserts once in a while especially when we're out of town. Its hard for the kids sometimes but they need to get used to it.
Sometimes when we're out of town, the kids wanted to eat at the fast food restaurant but we told them we are not going at the fast food restaurant anymore. We try to find health food store or sometimes we end up eating at Subway. We still try to eat healthy whenever we can. Like this week, before we got home from our one day assembly at Denver, we stop by at the organic beef ranch in the Valley and order about 33-36 lbs of grass fed meat. My husband just also bought a juicer at Amazon and we just got it two days ago and he started to try different kind of vegetable juices, mixing with lot of greens, beets, celery, zucchini and other stuff. It taste terrible and I am not crazy about it but he likes it. It taste yucky at first but his body will get used to it if he keep doing it everyday. Its healthy and it gives him more energy for the day. He is on soup diet too and the soup that I make couple days ago was ground beef vegetable soup and we usually make our own beef and vegetable broth using all those organic vegetables and meat that we have. It was taste good! Its more tasty actually than the regular meat. We all love it and that is all that matters. I see the outcome of it for my children, they are more healthier, happier than before. My husband is more calm, he felt good, he already loose weight and it feels good to see my family eating healthy. If we want to live longer then we need to eat healthy right? and of course don't forget to exercise and drink a lot of water!

Writing a story...

I see my husband been working on making his own book about his life story and it was kind a interesting. I think about my past, I have a lot to say in my story. I have good and bad times, happy and sad moments about my family. I have a lot of bad experiences happen in my past life that I couldn't forget and that makes me who I am today. I am willing to live and go on with my life now and trying to do good things in the eyes of God, my love ones, family and friends. I would say, I am a better person now than before. My family in the Philippines needs me, they depend on me and even I live thousands miles away from them, it doesn't stop me to help and communicate with them every single day. I tried my best to help them out financially too and thanks for my husband for being understanding. It's hard to be a breedwinner in the family, you know.
Well, I was sitting infront of my computer and thinking about my past. I know past is not supposed to be brought up but its nice to let it out and think about those moments once in a while. So will see how it goes, i might make it short and post it here sometimes.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

fireplace mantel

Winter is fast approaching and its not what I am looking forward too. I don’t feel like wearing my thick boots and jacket again! Good thing that we have a really good heater in the house. I bet you guys are getting ready for winter! And been looking forward to be in front of your warm fireplaces. Some of our friends here in the Valley are starting getting some woods for winter. They have nice fireplace, I am sure they will keep their house warm and cozy. Anyhow, talking about fireplace, if you are looking for a mantel shelves and any designer mantels then the ageewoodworks for fireplace mantel offer great prices! You better check it out and take advantage on this great deal mantels! Visit for more details!

Got hurt...

Its very unexpected that my son got hurt last Sunday for our get together picnic at the park. He just sitting down in the grass while big kids playing the frisbee. Suddenly when one of the boys throw the frisbee it accidentally go to my son's face. It hits directly in the middle of his two eyes, he was crying really bad, good thing there's no cut or blood flows, he just got a big bruise and bump on it. I know how it feels, I am sure he feel really sore but his okay now. He went to school this morning, the bruise still there but it didn't stop him to go to school. Tomorrow they will going to have a picture taking so hopefully the picture will turn out good. I'm glad its not that bad, it makes me worry to see him got hurt.