Friday, September 27, 2013

need a new mattress

Last week, we stay 2 nights at the hotel in Denver. We had our one day assembly last Sunday. It was nice, the kids was so happy, they always looking forward to swim at the pool and sleep in a cozy and comfy bed at the hotel. We had great time with our friends and the kids got a chance to play with the Miera’s kids at the pool. Last week, I ask my husband when we are going to buy a new mattress? We really need to get rid of our old mattress and get a new one. In case we will get one, I like the same one as the hotel bed or maybe we can get the mattress latex. I heard a lot about latex mattress, and this type of bed is what we need since my husband has a back problem. The latex mattress from foambymail provide maximum support and pressure relief, alleviating sore backs and necks and its hypoallergenic! I am sure we will be able to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with a happy smile in our face and not having a back pain.

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