Friday, September 27, 2013

Writing a story...

I see my husband been working on making his own book about his life story and it was kind a interesting. I think about my past, I have a lot to say in my story. I have good and bad times, happy and sad moments about my family. I have a lot of bad experiences happen in my past life that I couldn't forget and that makes me who I am today. I am willing to live and go on with my life now and trying to do good things in the eyes of God, my love ones, family and friends. I would say, I am a better person now than before. My family in the Philippines needs me, they depend on me and even I live thousands miles away from them, it doesn't stop me to help and communicate with them every single day. I tried my best to help them out financially too and thanks for my husband for being understanding. It's hard to be a breedwinner in the family, you know.
Well, I was sitting infront of my computer and thinking about my past. I know past is not supposed to be brought up but its nice to let it out and think about those moments once in a while. So will see how it goes, i might make it short and post it here sometimes.

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