Thursday, January 31, 2013

working out benefits

Working out everyday is one of my goal for this year and dancing is one of my favorite that’s why I bought this zumba fitness on wii and it helps me a lot. I’m already in fit, I don’t think I’m doing this to lose weight, im doing this for fun and so get the toxins out in my body too. It helps me to get better and guess what? One of the working out benefits are to reduces cancer risk, it can helps reduce stroke, enhance mental performance and work productivity, reduce stress, depression and anxiety and it improves your skin too. There are a lot of benefits of working out that’s why to all women and men out there, we need to make a goal to workout 20 minutes to one hour every day, it helps us to be healthy and fit.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Break

People are busy for Christmas celebration but our family is not worrying about it since we don’t celebrate Christmas. Instead, my family and some of our friends in the congregation who has kids join us to go for a family sledding fun! About 6 families came with us and that was totally fun! I bet all the kids are enjoying it. It was cold that time but good thing we brought our Colman stove to make a hot chocolate for everybody and a hotdog for lunch too. Will absolutely do this again before Spring time come.

weather alert in my phone...

I woke up early in the morning around quarter 5:00am because my phone making this signal alert sound. I receive a weather alert in my phone that said, will have a snow blizzard here in San Luis Valley until 6pm. Well, I thought it will snow yesterday and today but it turns out a really nice day. So I wonder maybe the mountain got the blizzard and not here in the Valley. This morning the wind is really bad and its pretty cold outside but in the afternoon, we need to take our dogs out in the Vet for a check up and a vaccine shot and before we headed home, we stop by in the store to do a grocery shopping. Cheers! Happy blogging everyone!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I have a couple jewelry that I don’t wear a lot. I only wear them in a special occasion or if we attend meeting. Usually I pick the one that will match my outfit and if I don’t have anything to match my dress, I will just use the one that I already have. I saw some women that wear those big fashion jewelries and it look really nice to them, just like the one I saw online at la vie parisienne jewelry at, they look really nice but I am not sure if they will be look good on me though but I would like to have one of those too specially the Enamel earrings by la vie parisienne. They look lovely! I am sure it will be perfect to wear together with my blue dress.

Friday, January 4, 2013

ATV for our anniversary

The only thing that my husband wish to have in our anniversary is to buy an ATV with a snowplow in the front. I really wanted not to spend that much in our anniversary but we have enough savings to buy it and also that day is our special day and whatever makes him happy then its okay. Just a “Yes” from me is enough for him. So I decided to say Yes and he bought that ATV right away and when he gets home, he let the kids ride in a sled and he pull the kids with his ATV. The kids have fun and we can use the snowplow to shovel the snow in the drive way every winter.

7th year anniversary

Last Dec. 19th is our 7th year wedding anniversary. It was such a special day for me and my bebeh. Time went by so fast, we can still remember when the first time we meet and until now our love is getting more stronger. We face a lot of trials in our relationship but we are thankful that we overcome those trials with the help of Jehovah. We put God first in our relationship and to our family and that helps us to become a better parents to our children. Hope many more years to come for both of us and thanks to my beloved husband for loving and accepting me wholeheartedly. Love you!

Welcome 2013

Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013! Hope this year will be a good year for us. There are a lot of things to do this year and of course for our family, our plans is to eat healthy food, spend more time as a family, work out together, go out more in the ministry and save money for our vacation. We still need to pay off some of our credit card bills. If we paid off 2 of our credit cards, that would be great that way we can save more for our vacation. I miss my family in the Philippines and I am glad they are safe when the typhoon hits Mindanao. Hope this year will be a happy and peaceful year for us and for everyone and also for the next upcoming years. Happy blogging!