Monday, May 30, 2011

First Day Assembly

These are some of the photos we took at the first day assembly last Saturday, May 28, 2011 that held at the Grand Junction High School. We took this photo after lunch, we have one hour break time so we get a chance to say hi to everyone, chit chat a little while and taking some photos. At the 3rd photo, I'm with my friend Ella and Dana too as well.  

mailbox point

I usually pick up the mail in the mailbox every afternoon before 5:00 pm. Dana likes to walk with me and pick up the mail and at the same time we can wait daddy to come home. It’s only one block away from the house and we get a chance to say hi to the neighbor and sometimes we walk around the block when the weather is nice. Just like today, I was thinking about picking up the mail but then my husband reminds me that today is holiday, Memorial Day and there’s no mail in the mailboxes right now. I will go check the mail again tomorrow.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

smc promotions

Some of my friends started an online business by selling beauty products, apparel and shoes. I would love to try one but I don’t know how to start. I heard about this smc promotions at, they will tell you on how to get started. You need to sign up for smc membership first and get a discounted prices for over 370 pages worth of products. They have two option to choose either gold or silver plan and they offer a personal business coach to every member. Either you’re a first timer or not, you can rely them with this matter.

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Mommy and Dana Pie!

Me and my little girl! She was so excited to take a picture. She is also excited to go outside, we'll wait daddy to come home! He will be home early today, so we're getting ready to go Walmart when he get's home. So before we go out, I took a photo of me and Dana. Dustin was still playing his games while me and Dana having fun taking pictures. hehe :-) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheap Tickets Online

I love watching concerts and live bands shows. Whenever there is a concert, me and my friends go. Mostly, I don’t pay the tickets, my friend does. I can’t afford to buy tickets by myself and if my friend invite me, I say yes right away but of course it depends on the show. That was long time ago when I was in my high school and college days. When I get married everything changed. I moved thousand miles away from my hometown and sometimes I missed those times you know.

Well, it doesn’t mean I can’t watch my favorite show. There are many live concerts and great events here in the United States especially in Las Vegas. There are many things to see in there. My husband love to watch football games and I would love to see live games someday. I am not sure where to get tickets but I am sure there are tickets available online. Like the one at, they are the professional ticket broker with access to many events across the country. So here are some of them! Miami Dolphins Tickets, New England Patriots Tickets, New Orleans Saints Tickets, New York Giants Tickets, Boston Red Sox Tickets and more. So visit for more available tickets in your favorite shows and events!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

enclume potracks

Wouldn’t be nice to have an enclume pot rack in your kitchen? You can easily find the pan you need when your cooking. It ads more elegance in the kitchen and even on cooking show, they are using enclume pot racks. We don’t have a big kitchen and there is no place to hang those enclume pot racks, but if we can have a kitchen makeover, I will absolutely consider to buy potracks. I also recommend this to some of my fellow friends who are planning to renovate their kitchen. They might like the ideas on having a hanging potracks in their kitchen What you think?

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they got the box!

At last my family receive the Forex Box that I sent to them last month. I thought it will arrive end of the month of May or first week of June but it came early. I'm glad they already got it and it makes me happy to see my family happy with those stuff I sent to them. Maybe next year, I will send them another one. I only send them one if we can't make it again next year. I really like to go back in the Philippines next year because I miss my family and friends. The plane ticket is way too expensive for the four of us and we still need to save money on our vacation in California this coming August. :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

feel uneasy...

Nowadays, anywhere in the country, we see so much violence. More killing, robbing, fire and even now I heard so much disaster like the tornado, tsunami and earthquakes. I feel so bad to those people who been affected to this kind of disaster. I’m kind a worried also for my family in the Philippines. I watch news online and watch those videos, its very scary. How much more if I was on that situation and I can’t get away. That’s why we really need to make sure that our house is secure and to do that, we can get the home security system from home security hardin website. You can check if there is an available ADT in your city or you can call this number at 1-800-330-8310.

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She can climb now!

This is her first time that she is climbing on top of that tent. At first, Dustin gave her a boost, pushing her to go up, then after that, she can do it herself now. She keep climbing until she made it and guess what? she is so happy and she always says "mommy, look at me! im climbing!... She is such a cutie! She really does has a strong grip and I am so proud of her!

Monday, May 23, 2011

nodular acne treatment

My brother suffer a bad acne before, I am not sure if its nodular acne or just a regular acne. I know that nodular acne is generally really painful, they also called it a cystic acne. I'm glad I don't feel that kind of pain when I have acne in my high school days. I remember that my brother use different nodular acne treatment to get rid of those acne but seems doesn't work. He might need to get a better one like the pronexin. Pronexin is the number one on the top 5 rated nodular acne treatment from Pronexin also help replenishes the skin and kill the major causes of acne breakouts. So if you suffer nodular acne, you might like to visit

Friday, May 20, 2011

Raining all day...

This is a kind of day where I don't feel like going out. It rains all day and I don't feel like driving in the rain. My friend and I are supposed to meet today. We will go to Encore to do shopping but because the weather is not good, we decided to postponed our plan and make it for tomorrow since the weather tomorrow will be good. So hopefully tomorrow will all be sunny but I am sure it will be a little chilly tomorrow. Can't wait to go shopping tomorrow! maybe we will go to the mall and do a window shopping. Will see.. hehe :-)

used cars Tampa

We love to look some used cars online since we are planning to get one someday. Like what I said in my last post that we are almost done paying our GMC Yukon and two more months, we can sell that truck and get a better one for me to drive around. I drove the Ford F 150 most of the time and my husband drove the GMC Yukon to work. If we can get a used car either SUVs or a small Trucks then that would be great! Or maybe a mini-van will be good. What you think? But will see, we still didn’t find the right one that’s why we are still searching used cars online.

Talking about Used Cars, I found this interesting website at, they are the largest tampa used cars dealer in Tampa Bay, Florida. So if you are on this area and looking for used cars then you might like to visit and find the used cars that meets your needs and budget for you and your family. Actually I was looking at their vehicle inventory right now. Let see if we can find the one we need.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiger Chef

I would love to own a restaurant someday and if I open a business, I would consider to open a small restaurant and the chef should be my sister and her husband. They are both good cooks. Actually my sister work in a restaurant before as an executive chief but when she got married, she stop working and decided to be a full time housewife. She got two kids and now that the kids are grown up, she decided to apply in a restaurant and guess what? She's hired! The mall next to our village just open couple weeks ago and she will be transferred at their new branch. I think she still on training now and she is happy in her new job and I am happy for her too!

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I guess I will tell my friend about their website because they been looking for a new refrigeration and freezer to replace their old ones. They might like to order it online. So, if you own a restaurant and need kitchen equipments then worry no more! You can contact tigerchef at 877-928-4437 or 845-247-5230 or visit for more details!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dana Allergy Test

We took Dana this morning to a professional Allergist to get an Allergy Test. Dana has an allergy reaction to peanut, we found that out last couple months when she accidentally take a little bite of peanut butter sandwich then after few minutes, I saw that her lower mouth become red, it looks like a bugs bite and just a little rash to it. I told my husband right away and after that, my husband and I worried about Dana’s condition so taking her to the Allergy Doctor helps a lot that way we can prevent it and make sure it wont get worst. If something severe reaction occurs, we know what we do. The doctor prescribed her an epipen, this is used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions cause by food, insect bites, medications, latex and other causes.

When Dana got her allergy test, it really shows that she has a positive reaction for pea and peanut. She got a big rashes in her back, 22+13 size, its +4. I’m just glad that we know the cause of her allergy, this is kind a scary but as a parent, we need to be careful on what we eat. I need to start to look for ingredients where there is no peanut in it. Poor little girl, but that’s what it is, so were glad that we take her to an Allergist. So no peanut butter to my little girl and even Dustin likes peanut, he is not allowed to have it. We need to get rid of all food that has peanut in it for the safeness of my little one.

Auto Warranty

My car does not have auto warranty right now and we’re looking for an extended warranty, our Car Warranty expired last year and we are supposed to get a new one but we still don’t know where we could get that Extended Warranty. Do you know anyone who offer this kind of service? While browsing online about Auto Warranty, here’s what I found. At, they can help you avoid costly repairs with one of their extended vehicle service plans. I am not sure how it works but maybe we can get the free price quote first before we decide to try their service. My husband and I need to talk about it and discuss about this matter first before we get an extended auto warranty in our car. The car I am driving is in his name so I need to be careful and make sure not to cause an accident that way we don’t need to worry about the damage cost.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

natural testosterone supplement

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V, Polkadot and Fire Water Color Shifters

These are the latest one that Dustin made. He make a letter V at the first photo. He still using the same car as the one I post before. The second one, he put like a polkadot in it and the third one,  I help him make just look like a fire shape. It looks pretty cool! You can make different designs just mixing the hot and cold water :-)

ssdi benefits

This year is the most disastrous year I think. There are a lot of things going on all over the world. The tsunami in Japan, the Tornado, the Earthquake and lot of people got sick and died. That means we are truly living in the last days. Lot of problem arises especially when it comes to money. Wish we could get that peace that we’re waiting for. Anyhow, I just want to share this SSDI benefits. If you are disabled and cannot work anymore, you might be qualified to get SSDI. This is the federal insurance program intended to provide income to people who cannot work because of disability. To find out if you qualify for SSDI, all you have to do is complete their free and easy social security disability benefits evaluation directly at their website at Get a free evaluation now!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Need to get a laptop bags

The last time we travel was last year when my mother in law visit us here. We stay couple days at Steamboat Spring and of course, I bring my laptop with me because I still want to communicate my family in the Philippines and do the task online while I'm on vacation. I remember the time when we stop in the road, there's a dirt devil forming in the road and its coming to us. The back of the truck was open as well as the window. I was changing Dana's diaper that time. The luggage in the back of the truck was open and my laptop was there. I don't have laptop bag that time, I put the laptop in my luggage on the top of my clothes.

Good thing nobody's hurt, the kids me and my mother in law was really scared. Mike is trying to take a video and photos of that dirt devil but he couldn't. It's too late and that wind took the big bag of a diaper and some of my clothes too. Inside the car was full of dirt and sand. That makes the trip very interesting and scary but everything is fine, we still enjoy our few days vacation in Steamboat Spring. Next time, I will make it sure to put my laptop in a laptop messenger bag, that way it won't be scratch and my laptop will be safe if its inside a laptop bag. So if you are looking for a laptop bags, visit!

Dustin Color Water Shifters

This is Dustin's new color water shifters. It change to yellow when you put in warm water and it turns orange when you put in an icy water. We make different styles like the one in the third and fourth photo. We put smiley face in it and the last one is strifes. He really likes this color shifters, actually she likes this better than the one that glows in the dark.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Auto Transport

It was amazing when we first move here in Grand Junction. My husband let me drive the car for about 3-4 hours. I was following at him since I am just starting to learn how to drive. It was scary but I managed to drive that long. If we knew someone to help us to do Car Transport, we don't have to do it our self. We just let the Auto Transport company to do the rest and ship the cars. We still don't know how much it will cost but I am sure the Car Shipping won't cost that much.

My friend from Canada are moving to Hawaii this fall and they are looking for an Auto Transport. Good thing I found this nationwide transport services website. This might be the company they need to help them transport their vehicles. They offer a door to door Auto Transport, so if you are thinking of transporting a car, call now at 1-877-278-3135 or get a free quote now at!

work boots

While arranging all the shoes in the shoe shelf, I noticed that my husband work boots was already worn out and it needs to be replaced. I think we bought his work shoes last year, I can't remember what month we got that shoes. Seems that the work shoes he got is not durable, it worn out easily. My husband working a lot in the field and he walks in a gravel most of the time that makes him uncomfortable to walk when his wearing those worn out work boots.

Well, next time when we go shopping for shoes this weekend, I'll buy him a new work boots that is comfortable to wear and it won't give him pain when he walk in a gravel, or maybe a new pair of steel toe shoes. Dana and Dustin needs a pair of shoes too. Wow, kids are growing so fast! The shoes that we bought last year seems not fit anymore. I think everyone needs a new pair of shoes this summer!

nice neighbor...

While were eating our dinner last night, our neighbor is mowing the lawn. We are very surprise when we look out the window because they also mow our lawn. That was very kind of them to do that. Actually they don’t have to do it but he said, he did it anyway as a friendly neighbor just the way he say thanks to us for helping them last time. Anyhow, it was so nice of them, their kids are almost the same age as my kids and they seems very nice couple. Hopefully we can get to know them well and become friends. Since the front yard already been taking care of, so I don’t need to worry about mowing the lawn this weekend. Thanks to them hehe.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Palm Beach Florida Nissan Dealer

Looking for a car is not easy, there are a lot of things you need to consider. The type and model of the car, the price, the quality, body style, the mile age and so on. I usually look for a popular model like Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet and Motorola. We bought the new Ford Truck last 3 years ago and bought a used GMC car after few months. The GMC Yukon will be fully paid next two months and we decided to sell that car and get another used car. I am not sure yet what car were going to buy but I will consider to have a Nissan car.

Talking about Nissan, Napleton Nissan at Palm Beach Florida Nissan Dealer has all the Nissan car model that you are looking for. You can look at their pre-owned inventory and find the vehicles you like that meets your needs and budget. You can order Nissan parts directly to their website. Schedule service online now at and look at their service and parts menu. To find out more, visit their blog at  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

legal translation services

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I am not into business, but if I own one, I will consider to use their service. Its nice to have someone who can rely on with this matter. Since they provide a high quality, cost effective legal translation, I will absolutely recommend this to everyone.

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Me and friends at the park...

May 6, 2011 at Eagle Rim Park, Orchard Mesa. I'm with my fellow Pinay friends. The photo on the top was me, arlyn and his son jake, Ella and my little girl Dana, Elvie and his son Jacob James. At the second photo, that was Dustin my 5 yrs old son next to Ella. It was a perfect day to go at the park, we had lunch their and the kids enjoy it a lot as well as the mommies. :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

shaker bottle

I gained weight this past few months and I noticed that my pants is getting tighter now. I need to buy a new pair of pants. Even my sister noticed that I gained weight but gaining a little weight is not really bad. I like it and they said I look better with my weight as long I won't reach into 100 pounds because it won't be look good anymore if I gained more weight. I just need to watch my diet and eat healthy food. Not so much junk at night, because I usually eat sweet after dinner like cake, ice cream and chocolate. I think that's one of the reason why I gained weight and also my two year old daughter don't nursed so much now.

Anyway, I like to make smoothie and fruit drinks too and would love to get one of the shaker bottle that I saw online at It's nice to have a shaker bottle that way when you are in the go, you can bring it anytime and anywhere! My friend has one and she bring it whenever we have a chance to get together. I think she bought it online and good thing that diet direct has a very affordable price for all their shaker bottle.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

busy fixing the car...

Last month, mike was so busy fixing the GMC truck. I think he change the water pump, change the projector bulbs and clean the front light. I know it will take a while to change the water pump. Its kind a lot of work to do that. If he take that car to the auto shop, we might need to spend a lot so good thing he knows mechanic. Dustin was watching him while he do the work and he said that when he grow up he wants to become a car expert.

Indoor Camping

It's nice to do camping outside but we don't have any camping stuff to use, so we decided to camp inside the house in Dustin's bedroom using big blankets and pillows. Guess what? Dustin like to sleep inside his tent, he don't want to sleep in his bed now so instead of taking those blanket away, I just leave the way it is. I think we need to buy a real tent that way we don't need to use those blankets.Then him and Dana can sleep and play in their tent whenever they want. It's so funny when they pretend to do camping and eating marsmallow. They turn off the light and use the flashlight. They really enjoy it a lot especially Dustin.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Honda new and used cars

My friend is learning how to drive now. She is eager to learn that way she don't need to rely on her husband to drive her to work. She told me that when she get her license, she will probably get her own car. She still searching used cars online and since she didn't find one that she like yet. I recommend her the Honda seems very popular and some of my friend own a Honda accords and Honda Civic. Good thing that both her and her husband are looking for a Honda used cars.

I would love to own a Honda Odyssey. We just need to sell the Yukon truck and if we do that, we might need to get the car I like. When I look up at, they have 12 Honda Odyssey available and I like the red 2011 Honda Odyssey for only $28,580.

Anyhow, if you are looking for a new or used cars, look for, they have all the car model you like for an affordable price.