Monday, May 16, 2011

Dana Allergy Test

We took Dana this morning to a professional Allergist to get an Allergy Test. Dana has an allergy reaction to peanut, we found that out last couple months when she accidentally take a little bite of peanut butter sandwich then after few minutes, I saw that her lower mouth become red, it looks like a bugs bite and just a little rash to it. I told my husband right away and after that, my husband and I worried about Dana’s condition so taking her to the Allergy Doctor helps a lot that way we can prevent it and make sure it wont get worst. If something severe reaction occurs, we know what we do. The doctor prescribed her an epipen, this is used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions cause by food, insect bites, medications, latex and other causes.

When Dana got her allergy test, it really shows that she has a positive reaction for pea and peanut. She got a big rashes in her back, 22+13 size, its +4. I’m just glad that we know the cause of her allergy, this is kind a scary but as a parent, we need to be careful on what we eat. I need to start to look for ingredients where there is no peanut in it. Poor little girl, but that’s what it is, so were glad that we take her to an Allergist. So no peanut butter to my little girl and even Dustin likes peanut, he is not allowed to have it. We need to get rid of all food that has peanut in it for the safeness of my little one.

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