Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiger Chef

I would love to own a restaurant someday and if I open a business, I would consider to open a small restaurant and the chef should be my sister and her husband. They are both good cooks. Actually my sister work in a restaurant before as an executive chief but when she got married, she stop working and decided to be a full time housewife. She got two kids and now that the kids are grown up, she decided to apply in a restaurant and guess what? She's hired! The mall next to our village just open couple weeks ago and she will be transferred at their new branch. I think she still on training now and she is happy in her new job and I am happy for her too!

Anyway, when it comes to restaurant supplies and equipments. I would absolutely recommend tigerchef. They are the leading online source for restaurant equipment and supply from bar supplies, bakery, buffet, furniture and signage, janitorial supplies, chef's accessories, refrigeration and freeze, smallwares, tabletop and more! They are one of the trusted companies that you can rely on at this matter. They been in their business for 30 years and they are well known for their fantastic customer service.

I guess I will tell my friend about their website because they been looking for a new refrigeration and freezer to replace their old ones. They might like to order it online. So, if you own a restaurant and need kitchen equipments then worry no more! You can contact tigerchef at 877-928-4437 or 845-247-5230 or visit tigerchef.com for more details!

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