Friday, May 13, 2011

Need to get a laptop bags

The last time we travel was last year when my mother in law visit us here. We stay couple days at Steamboat Spring and of course, I bring my laptop with me because I still want to communicate my family in the Philippines and do the task online while I'm on vacation. I remember the time when we stop in the road, there's a dirt devil forming in the road and its coming to us. The back of the truck was open as well as the window. I was changing Dana's diaper that time. The luggage in the back of the truck was open and my laptop was there. I don't have laptop bag that time, I put the laptop in my luggage on the top of my clothes.

Good thing nobody's hurt, the kids me and my mother in law was really scared. Mike is trying to take a video and photos of that dirt devil but he couldn't. It's too late and that wind took the big bag of a diaper and some of my clothes too. Inside the car was full of dirt and sand. That makes the trip very interesting and scary but everything is fine, we still enjoy our few days vacation in Steamboat Spring. Next time, I will make it sure to put my laptop in a laptop messenger bag, that way it won't be scratch and my laptop will be safe if its inside a laptop bag. So if you are looking for a laptop bags, visit!

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