Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Send a gift...

I made a quilt for my mother in law. I finished it already; all I need to do now is to send this quilt. Hope she like this simple gift from me. We never had a chance to go out this week because of the weather and also our green truck is not fixed yet and Mike using the Ford truck. I think the shipping box won’t cost much. So, hopefully I can send this not before March.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Silvertone Green CZ Eternity Band

This is the ring I ordered at overstock.com 4 days ago. I received it yesterday afternoon. I am so happy and pleased with my new ring. Green is my favorite color and my birth stone too. I'm started to like buying stuff online since I have few bucks in my paypal. It's easy way to shop online using paypal. Next time if I receive my earnings this month I will surely buy the skirt and necklace for Dustin.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday ramblings...

It was Friday night; it’s messy and wet outside because of the mix shower rain and snow. We will have snow this day and until Monday. I am sure it will be a mess. Since our green car is not working and it needs to be fix. Mike is using the white truck to go work. He still needs to work tomorrow overtime because we need the money and they need to finish their job. That means, I can only get out in the house on Sunday when we go to the meeting in the morning and do our grocery shopping in the afternoon. I hate cold weather; it makes me lazy to go out. I rather stay in the house than to be outside in the cold. I grow up in the warm country Philippines; I am not used to in a cold weather. Since I’ve been here for almost 4 years, I learned to like the place and the weather. Cold is my weakness and I don’t like wearing heavy clothes but what should I do? I have to keep myself warm and wear jacket and boots. Though I can’t wait for the spring and summer!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My new watch!

Last week, I order watch at overstock.com. That was last February 15 and this afternoon I received the package already. I am not happy with it because the watch I got was too big for me. I need a small one that fits my wrist. It was nice though, I like pink and the style was very nice. I wear it anyway hehe. I am waiting for my silvertone green eternity band ring this week. I ordered it from overstock.com too. I like that one and I am sure it will fit on me. Anyhow, this is the picture of my new watch! I got the Avtiva by Invicta Women's Pink Leatherette Strap Watch.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

adult cystic acne

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Dustin's new look...


After the haircut

What a good looking guy! I'm so happy that Dustin got his haircut. It looks nice now and not look so messy. You can see at the first photo before he got his haircut. It's very curly and look messy. After the haircut, his hair looks nice and neat.

natural sleep aids

When you have kids, it’s hard to have a good night sleep at night because the baby keeps you awake. Dana sleep good most of the night but when she get fussy, she keeps me awake all night. She sleep in our bedroom, it’s better than letting her sleep in the other room that way I can easily nursed her and I don’t need to get up at night. It’s hard but as a mother, I will do everything for my kids. I never had good night sleep for couple of days now. I sleep late and wake up early. I need to get a natural sleep aids to help me have a good night sleep.

doing hard work...

I am not used to do hard work especially doing things like shoveling the snow and carry heavy things because my body is not strong enough to do all those things. Last month when we have 7 inches of snow, I force myself to shoveling our driveway, the result? I have a muscle pain, my body is really worn out. It was my fault because I didn’t listen to my husband. I have a lot of fun that time and I never think about the pain that’s why I am suffering for a muscle pain. I told mike about it and when he get home from work, he bought me a best joint supplements. I think that supplements help me a lot and I take some pain killer too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Got a haircut!

We went to the Mesa Mall this morning to have Dustin’s haircut. It was so nice because they have a professional hairstylist that knows what they are doing. We pay for a very reasonable price. After Dustin’s haircut, I decided to get a haircut too that way I don’t need to wait for next week to get my haircut done. My hair stylist was very nice. I tell her everything about my hair problem, I have this thin hair, I loss hair when I brushed it and I’m the one who always cut my hair. It’s been 2 years that I never got a professional haircut at the saloon. I also ask her if she knows any hair loss treatments. Good thing because she gave me advice on what product I need to use for hair loss treatments. Maybe I will recommend them to all my friends!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time to buy gold bullion!

Why people buy gold bullion? Is gold bullion is a great investment potential? I think it is! I heard that many people buy gold bullion for an investment, protect their money and also to preserve their wealth. Instead of keeping their money at the bank they exchange it to gold bullion, that way they can keep and exchange it to a higher cost when the time comes. I asked Mike about this matter and he says he don't have anything to say because he never had gold bullion before or any kind of precious metals but if ever he will get an investment, he says he would rather choose gold bullion. I hear a lot of good things about investing gold bullion and I know there are many companies that sell this kind of stuff. One of these is the United States Gold Bureau, your trusted gold authority. They are dedicated to helping you increase your wealth. If you are planning to invest, I will absolutely guarantee gold bullion from usgoldbureau.com. What are you waiting for? Its time to buy gold bullion!

He did it!

Dustin was so happy to see his writings. He did it! I am so proud of him! He is still 4 years old and I can't believe how fast he can learn things from writings, reading and memorizing shapes, numbers and colors. I am trying to give my best to teach him. I give him an everyday routine to study and read his book. Play learning games at nickjr and take a nap in the afternoon. Well, I still have problem with him in his nap time because he keep moving and he don't want to sleep even though I already put him in his crib or in the bed. I'm still working with that and hopefully this time he will take a nap after our study. Will see...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Can't get out...

I really want to get out in the house today since the weather outside is really nice. It was blue sky and sunny day. I just receive a call from the Filipino store, she just tell me that they just came back from Las Vegas and she bring a lot of good stuff like fish, fresh vegetables and others. I want to go there right now but the problem is, Mike drove the truck this morning because our Yukon has problem, it won't start. That means I can't get out in the house because I don't have car to use. Well, maybe I need to wait until this weekend when the other car fixed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

family vacation

We are planning for our family vacation every two or three years. That’s the only time, we can spend vacation because my husband gets a 3-4 weeks’ vacation leave. Besides, on that year we can save enough money to spend for our vacation. We try to save money this year and hopefully we can have family vacation next year. We already postponed our plan this year because the money we are using, we will use that to pay our tax.

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Buy fabric at alco

Alco is the closest store from my friend's house Kathy. I was thinking to buy a yard of fabric to finished my project. We're having a bible study at their house together with Meleah, one of the sister that I am closed with. She has 2 wonderful kids Cloey and Brody. Almost the same age as Dustin and Dana. We're having great time and we eat lunch at their house. After the study around 2:00pm, instead of going home directly, I decided to go to Alco to buy a fabric. That way I don't need to go to Walmart or any fabric store in our area. It's a perfect time because Dana is not sleeping yet and I am sure she will fall asleep after we done our shopping. She did very well sitting down in the cart and I am so happy for that. It's heavy for me to carry the car seat inside the store and also putting her in the stroller is not a bad idea also but it was cold this afternoon even though the sun is out. I got what I need and hopefully I can finish the project that I supposed to give as a gift to my mother-in-law this week. Will see...