Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday ramblings...

It was Friday night; it’s messy and wet outside because of the mix shower rain and snow. We will have snow this day and until Monday. I am sure it will be a mess. Since our green car is not working and it needs to be fix. Mike is using the white truck to go work. He still needs to work tomorrow overtime because we need the money and they need to finish their job. That means, I can only get out in the house on Sunday when we go to the meeting in the morning and do our grocery shopping in the afternoon. I hate cold weather; it makes me lazy to go out. I rather stay in the house than to be outside in the cold. I grow up in the warm country Philippines; I am not used to in a cold weather. Since I’ve been here for almost 4 years, I learned to like the place and the weather. Cold is my weakness and I don’t like wearing heavy clothes but what should I do? I have to keep myself warm and wear jacket and boots. Though I can’t wait for the spring and summer!

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