Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buy fabric at alco

Alco is the closest store from my friend's house Kathy. I was thinking to buy a yard of fabric to finished my project. We're having a bible study at their house together with Meleah, one of the sister that I am closed with. She has 2 wonderful kids Cloey and Brody. Almost the same age as Dustin and Dana. We're having great time and we eat lunch at their house. After the study around 2:00pm, instead of going home directly, I decided to go to Alco to buy a fabric. That way I don't need to go to Walmart or any fabric store in our area. It's a perfect time because Dana is not sleeping yet and I am sure she will fall asleep after we done our shopping. She did very well sitting down in the cart and I am so happy for that. It's heavy for me to carry the car seat inside the store and also putting her in the stroller is not a bad idea also but it was cold this afternoon even though the sun is out. I got what I need and hopefully I can finish the project that I supposed to give as a gift to my mother-in-law this week. Will see...

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