Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waiver Wire

Do you like football? Most of our friends and family members love to watch football. It’s like having a party in the house especially when our favorite team is in the game. I never watch football before, neither understands the game but since my husband is a football player when he was in high school and he love to watch football game on weekends. So I’m kind a like it anyway, I love watching it together with our friends. He try to explain it to me how the game works and I understand a little bit.

Anyway, since I am talking football here. I found this website at WaiverWire; this is the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings, projections, news, stats and analysis to help you win your fantasy league. If you want to help to win your fantasy league then this is the perfect website for you to visit. All you have to do is sign up and select your package today! I am sure it’s a big help to your fantasy league to win the game with your help of course. So why not give it a try and access to over 100 local NFL team news feeds by visiting!


Successful Yard Sale!

The yard sale yesterday and today was very successful. We sold all the furnitures and other stuff. Yesterday was a busy day. Buyers came so early and they took all the good stuff. I make almost $500 yesterday. Well, not so much people today and we only make $40. We decided to close it early around 2:00 pm instead of 4:00 pm. We will keep the rest and thanks for my friend Kathy for helping me out today. Its really a big help. I already send $200 for my family last night and i still have $200 left. Mike took the $150. I'm glad everything went well and i make money for my family and for my sister's treatment and medication.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maui Resort


Have you ever been to Hawaii? I bet many of you been there. Hawaii is one of the place I want to visit someday. I want to see the entire islands of Hawaii and see the tallest mountain of Mauna Kea. I heard a lot of great places in Hawaii, no wonder many travelers are coming back in port in that place. They said Hawaii is like a paradise. One of our friend visit Maui last 3 months ago and she talk about how great Maui is. She stay at Maui Resort and she showed us a lot of pictures. When I saw those photos? I say Wow! That place are great! Can’t wait to visit their someday with my husband and kids.

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Clean Job...

Mike and I are helping each other doing his cleaning job. It is his part time job and since i have nothing to do here in the house and im done cleaning the kitchen, i decided to go with him and help him for his cleaning job to make it faster. I know he is tired working all day. Being with him on his part time job helps him a lot. Not only that he can do his work fast but also i can make him feel better and happy.

Busy day...

It was busy day today for my hubby. It's a long day work. He needs to work late tonight. I am sure he will be so tired. This morning he came by to the house and bring me a big table. We need a big table for our garage sale this coming Friday and Saturday. I already put everything out and wipe some of the furnitures. I also do the laundry and clean the floor because our dog make a footprints in it. Well, the kids are fine. Dana is sleeping and Dustin is in the bathroom taking a dump hehe :-) i guess he is done now. He will going to take a nap after his done and i will finished my tasks for the day too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back2school Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes

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Garage Sale...

Friday and Saturday, we will going to have a garage sale. We are selling some of the things that we don't use... including the stroller, car seat, changing table, basinet, toys, infants and toddlers clothes, threadmill, unused clothes, roller blades, 4 tires, bike, chairs and tables and a lot more. Hope we can get rid of these things. I am looking forward for that this coming Friday and Saturday. Mike will be working this Saturday so my friend Kathy will help me for the yard sale. We already advertise it at Daily Sentinel. I also make a yard sale sign and we will going to post that this coming Thursday. The money i earned for this garage sale will be going to my family in the Philippines for the treatment of my sister illness. She's still in the hospital right now, still recovering and hopefully she will be okay.

Discover Swiss "Pearls"

When you think about Switzerland, What are the things comes on your mind? Well, Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world. I am sure they have a lot to offer to all travelers. I would love to visit Switzerland one day and see the beauty of their country. If I choose either Zurich or Geneva, I would rather choose Geneva, because I heard a lot of good things in Geneva, and I would love to try the water adventure and explore more! At the Central Switzerland, I would love riding and dining through Lucerne, that would be exciting, especially if you are riding and dining with someone you love. I then went to Mont Bre and see the spectacular views of Lugano. Since I love adventure especially hiking and climbing, maybe we can try to climb a 4000 m high peak. I am not sure if I can make it, but I think my effort is rewarded if I could see the fantastic view. I also would love to ride a cow. That would be great! Being up close and personal with a cow seems very extraordinary, it's very different with horses. How about you? Do you have any unique activities in Switzerland you like? You better visit and Discover Swiss “Pearls”. There are many things that you can do in Switzerland. To find out more, visit!


A Sketch of Dana

The finished product :-)
It's been a long time since i make my last sketch. I think my last sketch was last year, i can't remember when. But yesterday, while im holding Dana's picture i decided to make a sketch for her. It makes me feel good to see the outcome of the sketch. I will hang this sketch on the wall so that people can see it. Hope you all like it! Have a wonderful day and happy blogging!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Search Engine for Coupons

I’m just started creating an account on facebook and become a fan of Offeretti where discover great offers near you! Its kind a interesting because they have more than 3,000 offers available, from the category you need like restaurants, grocery, transportations, health and medical, shops and retail, home and garden, fitness and beauty and a lot more to choose! Guess what? If you are looking for a coupons this is the right website to visit. Offeretti is one of the best Search Engine for Coupons. Visit now and become a member and be a fan of Offeretti today! See you there!

Restore my PC again?

I can't remember how many times we restore our PC. Everytime our computer attacked with viruses and spywares, we restore it right away. I restore our PC yesterday after my computer attacked with trojan virus. I can't open my email and also it shows the warning sign that our computer are affected with virus. I try to updates our anti-virus software but it doesn't work. I think its already expired and we need to purchase a new version of anti-virus software. So, it means we need to pay and upgrade our anti-virus. Its a lot of work because you need to install again all the software like the ym, printer, webcam, the ati catalysts, all the games and etc. I lost all the files and photos that i saved. Well.. thats what happen, we need to start in the beginning again but the important is all the viruses and spywares are gone! hehe :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Piano Chords

What kind of instrument you really like to play and why? For me, I like Piano. I really wanted to learn how to play piano but I don’t have any patience to it. Being able to play piano is very interesting. My three years old son love to play Piano and we are thinking about sending him to a piano lesson next year. Since, I am talking about piano here, I found this website at, where you can find Piano Chords and take your piano playing to the next level and become a better pianist. They offer a piano lesson for intermediate and advanced players. Guess what? They will show you the trick to improvise a chord progression based on l-vi-IV-V and also the 3 things you must do to end a song. Isn’t that interesting? If you are belong to the intermediate level and looking for a free piano sheet music, then yokewong is the right website for you to visit. They also offer printable sheet music for Christian Hymns. So why not visit now at and sign up for free piano lessons?

Princess surgery

Our female mastiff just had surgery yesterday, Monday August 17. She having hard time pushing her litter. She has discharge and it worries us a lot. It was too late when we bring her to the Vet because the doctor said, her litter died. The puppy stuck in Princess birth canal. We feel so sad about it. It was a big lost to us, now we can't breed her anymore because the doctor took her uterus out. She can't able to make puppies. She's doing good right now, she's recovering fast. For more details on this matter you can visit our mastiff blog at Thanks!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

U.S. Physician Purchasing Group

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Goodbye Curly Hair...

Curly hair is hard to manage. Even how hard you brush? it always look the same. Im tired of watching Dustin's hair, it looks messy and i dont have patience to brush it all the time so i decided to shave his hair hehe :-) I know Mike dont like it when i always say "dustin need to shave his hair". I like it when it shaved because it clean and neat. You dont have to worry about brushing and combing his hair. He look like a shaolin kid. Everyone like his new hair cut and maybe someday when he grow up, we will just let his hair grow and see how it looks, if it doesn't look good then i will going to shave his head again hehe :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Weight Loss Supplement

Problem with your weight? Looking for a best weight loss supplement? How about take a look and visit Maybe you can find the right answer for your questions about weight loss supplements. They have really good information about this subject. The very interesting is that really caught my attention is that they provide information about how Good and Bad the weight loss supplement is and What we need to learn. It said “don’t believe everything you read” and I totally agree with that. That’s why if you are buying weight loss supplements, make it sure that the company and brand is trusted and safe. Read couple of fastest weight loss review before you decide to buy the product. Visit to find out more about this matter.

Sitting Pretty

This photo taken yesterday. Dana already know how to balance, she can sit pretty well now but you still need to watch her back in case she will fall hehe :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What to do?

I felt so bad because we can't help my family at this moment. We run out of money and i can't do anything about it. I want to help them but i don't know what to do. My sister need to continue her treatment and medication. I am sure my mom is asking help to all my relatives but i i'm not sure if they can help us. Economy in the Philippines is really bad, my family are not making enough money and they only depend on me, they depend in their monthly allowance. I am asking help to everyone, please help me. You can donate any amount. It can help a lot if you do.

Lucky Brand

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One of my friend are looking for a jewelry online and I think I will going to recommend her the lucky brand at I am sure she will appreciate it because she’s planning to give it as a gift to her niece next month. Hope she can find the one that she’s looking for! Visit and find your Lucky Brand!

Good news...

Thank God i receive good news from my family today and they said my sister responding a lot now and she recovers a lot, but the Doctor keep monitoring her heart beat and pulse because it was slow. I am happy to hear that my sister survive in her critical condition. All i want now is to see her recover so that she can go home with my family. I know she's tired of staying in the Hospital. She's been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. They still having problem financially and i will do our best to help them out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Vacation

What are you looking for when you go for vacation? The word vacation is kind a fun isn’t it? This is the time where we can get out in our busy life, relax for a while and enjoy! I think you are one of those people who are looking forward for your vacation this year. How about a great family vacation at the white sand beaches of Riviera Maya? I heard that Riviera Maya is a great place to visit. The place is like a real paradise. You can book your flight and make a reservation at They have a lot to offer, so why not visit their website now and find out how you can get a great deal to their luxurious hotels and resorts.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The findings...

I was talking with my family this morning and they tell me about Cherry Ann (my sister) condition. Her condition become more critical right now, her heart beat is very slow and they transfer her at Mindanao Heart Center where all the patients with heart problem goes. The doctor findings on her illness was "Pulmonary Malignant" and "Lymphoma". Well, with our research, we thought that my sister has "Pulmonary Edema" and "Congestive Heart Failure". But it seems very close.
Anyway, I feel very sad about what happen to the baby. The baby died at 6 months. My sister feel severe pain and she was bleeding. The baby came out, they even hear the baby crying for a few minutes and then it stop. It makes me cry to hear this bad news. My sister suffer a lot, i felt the pain she feels. I felt so bad because i can't even see her. :-( I hope she can survive with her illness. All i can do right now is to pray and help them financially.