Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sad thing...

Because of what happen to my younger sister in the Philippines, i dont feel like updating my blogs. I feel very sad, i can't even see her. My younger sister is 6 months pregnant and she having a hard time right now. She is in the hospital suffering with her excessive water. Her body are swolen. She has lot of water in her lungs. They also found out that my sister has tuberculosis. Isn't that tuberculosis is contageous? They also see the little tumor grows in her lungs. Isn't that terrible? I am so worried about my sister and the baby. Hope she will be okay. We try our best to help them with the expenses. I keep praying that she will be okay and the baby. :-(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Graduation Party Photos

Justin is having a graduation party at Canyon View Park. He is 17 years old. This photos taken Yesterday, Saturday 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Here are the photos i took at the party.

Dana was being held with sister Cassy and brother Frank.

Dustin and the kids getting ready for their turn at the water slide. Dustin came first hehe :-)
Dustin watching Volleyball game.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Escalante Canyon photos

I forgot my camera when we went for a ride at Escalante Canyon this morning, so i never had a chance to took a picture of the old walker cabin, the canyon, the creek, castle rock, house on the prairie, rock formation and a lot more. But when i look up online, i came across at this website at and they have pretty amazing photos of Escalante Canyon. Take a look and see what im talking about. It was a wonderful ride and the view are fantastic :-)

Escalante and Dominguez Canyon

This morning around 10:00 am, we went for a nice ride somewhere in Dominguez Canyon and Escalante Canyon. We drove at Dominguez Canyon first. But we didn't go far enough to see all the canyon. It was a nice drive but we end up of a dead end sign hehe :-) Anyway, instead of going back home, we decided to drive at Escalante Canyon. We all respect all the signs that said "no hunting", and "no tresspassing". Escalante Canyon is more of a "private property", but as long you stay in the road then i think its okay. It was a nice ride, we saw a nice view and we cant believe how green the place is. I am sure there is so much water up there. We stop one of the picnic area and we saw just one car and we hear loud noises coming from the edge of the cliff. We look up there and decided to walk a little further going to the river. We saw a waterfall and there a bunch of teenagers having fun swimming and diving. I remember the time when i went for a hike together with my friends in the Philippines and diving and swimming in the waterfalls. hehe:-) Anyway, We just keep driving after that and just follow the road. We dont know where that road will take us but we stop in the middle of nowhere because it was 2:00pm already and we are all hungry. We need to get back the road and get something to eat. Instead of eating in the fast food or in the restaurant. We decided to go home so that we dont need to spend for the day :-) It was a fun ride! Maybe we will go back again and try the other road that will take us to the different direction, i forgot the name of the road but its still part of the Escalante Ranch. :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gold Coin

My husband love collecting coins and so do I. When I saw the advertisement on TV about gold coin, I was thinking that maybe we can invest our money into gold coin. But it made me think, where should we going to get this kind of coin? Is it available here in our area? Is it affordable and worth it? Is there any website that sell this gold coin? I remember the last time when I visit Monex and guess what? Monaco Rare Coin is part of the monex family of companies, a trusted leader in precious metals investment for 40 years. Rare Gold coins was very popular now a days. Actually one of our friend are collecting rare coins. He even mentioned the website where he got all her coins. Monaco Rare Coin at offers you the finest rare coin values in the world! I am sure this will be a good investment. What you think? Or how about just collecting those rare gold coins and keep it in the safety box or somewhere that no one will know? I am sure many of you are collecting this gold coin. So if you are thinking about buying and investing rare gold coin? Then you came to the right place! You can visit for more selection of rare coins!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My little prince and princess

My Prince Dustin and Princess Dana hehe :-) I make a crown for Dustin and since i didn't make a small crown for Dana i just put her a pink hat. They are so lovely isn't it? :-) i love this photo a lot especially the smile of my little girl. She will be 5 months this coming 26 and you know what? she's acting like a 1 year old! She is really alert and smart. I bet she got that from her daddy :-)

My younger sister...

My younger sister from the Philippines was 6 months pregnant. She is very sensitive in her pregnancy. She has lot of illness. My elder sister told me that she's having hard time sleeping because of her hard cough. Her cough wokes her up every night and she can't lay down because it hurts her chest everytime she coughs. She's swolen a lot too. They just went to her doctor and has her ultrasound and they found out that she will going to have a baby boy. Im so happy for her that her first baby is a boy. I am sure her husband is so happy too. They are not married yet but they are planning to get married as soon as they can saved. Anyway i was hoping that she will be okay. I am waiting for the clear results from her doctor. They will going to have an x-ray too and find out what causing her to have a hard cough. I bet my mom is worried and it makes me worried too, even though i am away from them but its still my responsibility to take care and help them whenever they have problems.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

DDR3 Memory

I was talking with my friend two days ago and she mentioned that she needs to get a new memory for her computer. I was thinking about that yesterday and I forgot to tell her about where she can find a computer memory she needs. Maybe I can just leave her a message and tell her that I found the right website for her. I am sure she would be very happy, because she’s been searching a ddr3 memory online and she never finds one yet. Well, I am sure she can find the memory she needs at So if you are looking for a memory, you came to the right place! Visit for more memory selections!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flat Tire photos...

This are the photos taken this morning. Two of our cars are flat. 2 flat tires in our Ford White Truck and 1 flat tire in our Yukon green car.

This is the photo of Mike and dustin. Mike is changing the flat tire while Dustin is trying to help his dad. We're glad because we have 2 spare tire to use.

This is our neighbors, you see the police car, they are also busy fixing and changing their flat tires. They are talking with the police and they tell them what happen. This is a very horrible. The police said there are more than 50 flat tires, not only in our street but also in the next first street to 3rd street. The KJCTNews came by to took a video in it and also the daily sentinel people stop buy to ask few more questions. Hope the police will do something about this. Hope this won't happen again.

Tires Slashed!

Sunday morning, we heard the door bell ring and we found out its our neighbor who live in front of our house. He’s telling that our truck got flat tire. Guess what? Not only our car, I think all of our neighbors cars because they got flat tire too. Mike and I went outside and its very shocking because 3 of our wheels are flat! All our neighbors was outside talking the police. We also find out that not only our street has the same problem but also on the next 3 streets. They said its like more than 50 houses in the neighborhood got flat tires. That was a bad morning to everyone! Mike and I are planning to have a relaxing and easy morning today because It was Sunday. So nothing much to do for the day but now we have a big problem and we need to change our wheels using the spare wheels we have. But we only have 2 spare tires, 1 to our green Yukon truck and 1 to our Ford Truck. Since our Ford White Truck has 2 wheels flat, so we only changed one but at least we can still drive the Yukon. I am sure some of the punk kid did this horrible thing or maybe those workers who work at the tire shop, so that they can make more money? Lolz… Well… it is just a thought. Hehe… Anyway Mike and Dustin went to the Hardware shop to buy something. I am not sure what they will going to buy but im waiting for them to come home so that we can go shopping this afternoon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Insurance Quote

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Smiley girl

This are the latest photos of dana, the smiley girl hehe :-) I love this photo. She looks really cute when she smiled. She is just like her brother, her brother like taking pictures and they both give me a cutiest smile every time i took a picture of them.

Free insurance quotes

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Stainless Steel Backsplash

Every time I’m in the shower it reminds me the stainless steel backsplash in my friends bathroom. Wish we could change our bathroom tile into stainless steel tiles. It looks very luxurious and I am sure it will be look good also in our kitchen. I am not sure when we going to remodel our kitchen and bathroom but when that happens? I think we will try the stainless steel backsplash from I was very fascinated with metal and stainless steel and they have best selection ever! The prices are great and samples are available too! So if you are planning to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace surrounds, accents walls and more? Why not get and try this modern with metal and stainless steel tiles from

Talking with my sister...

My sister was online this morning and they remind me with the money i sent them for this week. I check our first bank account and the money i sent was not there yet. So maybe tomorrow. They need to wait and let my relatives know in Bohol that the money is not coming yet and they also need to wait too. I sent them $100, not that much but its enough to help them for their financial needs and to help my relatives in Bohol. Wish i have a job here so that i can help them. But i need to wait until my kiddos are big enough then i can start find a job here in Grand Junction area. I just wish that my family always healthy especially my mom. I missed them much! I am looking forward to visit them again next year!

Online life insurance

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I was very surprised this morning when i open one of the blog advertising i am joining with, because they giving me 6 tasks to do for the day. Wow, its been a while since i didn't got any assignments from them. I thought they already forgotten me hehe. Anyway thanks for this opportunities!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I love traveling! If I had a chance to travel around the world I am sure I will visit those places I loved especially Paris, Morocco, Hawaii, Florida and other parts of the world that offers great vacation spots. The last time I traveled was last 2 years ago when Mike and I went back to the Philippines to visit my family and stay with them for 3 weeks. That time was so memorable and I cant wait to go back there and spend more time with my family. Last 3 years ago we also went to Michigan to visit my mother-in-law and this year? I am not sure if we can go travel but will see.

Anyhow, my biggest dream is to go to Morocco and stay in one of their luxurious hotel. I heard that Morocco is a great place to visit especially if you want an enjoyable memorable vacation with your love ones. I never been to Morocco but I am sure it will be exciting if we will bring our kids to stay for a month vacation.

How about you? Are you planning on your vacation to Morocco? Looking for a website to book your hotel and find people to help you get a travel guide in Morocco? Have you heard, they are an online hotel booking agency dedicated to the legendary cities of Morocco. If you have any questions, you can contact one of their agents either via email or telephone. If you are not familiar in the City of Morocco. They have practical information that you can read. You can view the amazing photos of their hotels and beaches. Why not get out for a while in the City? Enjoy and relax in one of the hotels and resorts of Morocco and have fun!

Restore again?

There are no other choice! I need to restore our computer because i received that warning sign again that said my computer was attacked by a spyware and viruses. This viruses and spyware makes me nuts! I hate it when this happen. I am not happy anymore because we lost all our files and i need to installed all the software again. Thats a lot of work huh? hehe :-) Anyway im glad everything's okay now. I also installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Hope this time the virus and spyware won't come back again. Will see about that!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diet supplements

Everytime my husband and I talked about buying diet pills at the store. I always ask him if those diet pills really works. He says that not all diet pills works, there are many diet supplements that don’t work. That’s why Im scared to try one. Well, I don’t really need diet pills because my body still look the same when I was single. I know many of you try different kind of diet supplements, so why not visit You can view the over 218 diet supplements reviews and see the top 2 rated diet pills in the market today!

Latest Layouts!

Check the latest layouts at my femikey designs blog! There you can view the layouts i made for this week and the winner of my free blog makeover. Thanks to all the viewers and visitors and to those lucky winners, congratulations! You all deserve for a free blog makeover. This month my free blog makeover was over and who knows maybe i will give a free makeover next month! If you need a blog makeover, just let me know and i'll try my best to make a layout that satisfy you. The layout prices are not expensive its very affordable! Visit femikeydesigns for more layout choices!

The New Look!

Here is the new look of "my blogging journey"! How is it? Hope you all like it! I like color pink and i end up this kind of layout. I still love my old layout but i need to make a change. I am so pleased with the outcome and hope i can use this for a long time then! :-) Happy blogging!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Odong Noodles

Thank you to Weng for sending me this "Odong Noodles"! She went to the Philippines last month i think and bring a lot of "Odong" and she send it to some of her Filipina friends abroad and thanks for including me to your friends whom you sent this yummy "odong noodles". hehe :-) Its been a long time i never had odong! i really missed this odong with sardines recipe. I think i will going to cook odong next week since i will go to the Filipino Store here in Grand Junction to buy sardines and patola. I am not sure if i could find patola here but hopefully.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dustin and Dana Video

Here is the latest video of my two kiddos Dustin and Dana playing each other. Dana's laugh is so cute! I can't get enough with this video. I love to watch it again and again. Enjoy!

Bad News

While talking with my family from the Philippines, they tell me the bad news. They just receive a telegram from our relatives in Bohol and they asking for help. They can’t help them either because they also have financial problem and they don’t have money to send to them. So they ask help on me, I talked with Mike about it and he is willing to help them. Im still glad because I have $60 in my paypal account. Just enough to send them and maybe half of it they can send it to our relatives in Bohol. Not that much but the important is we helped them right? Anyway hope everything will be fine with them. I heard that their son is in critical condition and he is in the Hospital right now. I need to wait until next week because my earnings will be transfer to our checking account this coming Monday.