Sunday, June 28, 2009

Computer Problem

Being attacked by a spyware or a virus is not good at all. Our computer missed up yesterday and i couldn't get that spyware out in our computer. It started when i open different kind of websites and blogs through entrecard. My computer hanged and when i restart my computer, i receive a warning alert that said my computer been infected with spyware and viruses.
I think that system security is the spyware because we didn't install that kind of software. We have MCafe but it didn't help to get that spyware out in our pc. We dont have any choice! Instead of paying the $49.95 to get rid of that spyware, we both decided to restore our computer. Since we have a CD's to restore it.
We restore our computer last night and now im started to install all the software's we have including the printer, the scanner, the webcam, yahoo messenger and all Mike's favorite games the "Solar Empire" and "Space Ranger" :-)

Friday, June 26, 2009

GPS Systems

I would love to own a gps systems especially that I am not familiar in my own city. Having this gps units helps me to find the places that I want to go. I remember when one of our friend from Denver invite us to stay with us for couple of days. She let me drive at their car. It scares me because I just got my driver license that time and I am not familiar in Denver. Good thing because they own gps systems. So its easier for me to drive around. If you are looking for a gps systems, you can visit the and find the GPS units. They really have an excellent prices on each of their gps collections.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop - Michael Jackson passed away...

Im a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Hearing the news about his death makes me feel sad. I can’t believe that he died for a cardiac arrest. Its unbelievable! Mike and I are shocked hearing that Michael Jackson passed away this afternoon around 12:30 p.m.

Michael Jackson is very popular not only in the United States but all over the country. I love all his music especially the Belly Jean, Thriller and I’ll be there. At the age of 50, he left a wonderful memories and unforgettable music not only to his family and friends but also to his fans all over the world.

I am sure many of Michael Jackson fans are very sad at this moment especially his family and friends. He is such a gifted child star. All people will remember him forever. Your moves, looks, music and being a “King of Pop” will always be remembered.

Me with my Filipina friends

Last weekend is our district convention thats why i am not online for a couple of days. I am back in blogging now and here i am posting a new photos of us taken last weekend together with my filipina friend Ella and Bella.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Multiplayer Billiards

Have you heard If not then this is your chance to take a look and visit their website. is the place where you can play Multiplayer Billiards online. If you like to play pool then this is the right place for you to visit! This is absolutely free and multiplayer games, You can invite your friends and play with you! You can chat with them while your playing the game and guess what? You can create your own group too! Why not invite your friends now and start playing this free Multiplayer Billiards? See you there and have fun playing!

Back to blogging!

I am back to blogging now! Im glad they give me some tasks to do. I thought i couldn't get more tasks for this week. I am really excited to get back on my blogging. Its been a while since i didn't update my blogs and its time for me to update them all and post the latest photos of ours taken in our district convention last weekend.

Best of Time

Wish my father still alive. I am sure he would appreciate the gift that I am giving to him this father’s day. He likes watches a lot. And speaking of watches, I found this great Men’s Rolex at, they have great selection of Rolex watches and it looks really nice. Mike don’t wear watches because of his job but I am sure he would love to have one!

Watch is very important especially if you having problem remembering the time or if you always late in some occasions. Just like me before, when I was working at the cafĂ©, I always come late. I don’t have a watch that time and I don’t give so much attention about the time. But since my old watch is broken, I need to find a new one to replace my old watch and I think I would love to have one of the ladies collection of the best of time Rolex Watches. I really amazed all their ladies collection watches especially the Stainless Steel Date Just Jubilee Bracelet White Mother of Pearl Color Diamond Dial and Fluted White Gold Bezel. They accept paypal payment so I need to check my paypal earnings. Will see if I have enough budget to buy this great watches from

So if you are looking for a gift for your love ones. I will absolutely recommend to give your love one this amazing watches from best of time. I am sure they would be very happy to have this Rolex Watches. Visit their website to found out more of their men’s and women’s watches collections.

We're Back!

Im glad to be back! Our 3 days district convention held at Loveland was really great. It helps us to be stronger in our faith and keep on the watch for this system of things. I am planning to get baptized hopefully this year in our next assembly and im looking forward to it. The kids was good in the convention, it seems like we saved this time because we didn’t eat at the restaurant. We just buy a pack lunch and cheap dinner. I really enjoy the play a lot about the story of “The Prodigal Son”. It touched my heart and it makes me cry especially when the father hug and forgive his son. The Symposium also was nice. So far I really enjoy this convention. We are so glad to be there and meet new Filipino witnesses out there. I meet the Filipino group and they are all so nice. Im looking forward to see them again next convention or maybe if we can visit Denver again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We are packing all our things now for our trip tomorrow to Loveland. We are going to attend a worldwide convention. So i will no longer available for 5 days. Too bad i can't update my blog for 5 days. :-) Well... this past few days i was not able to write a post too because i was busy watching a koreanovela title "Boys Over Flower". I heard that this series was really interesting. Im kind a like it and hope i can finished watching it when i come back from our trip. So thanks again for all your visit! hope you all keep coming back! happy blogging to all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What you think? a shark, dolphin or a whale?

Mike got this picture online. He ask me about this picture. He ask if this fish is a shark? dolphin? or a Whale? and i answer shark... What you think? What would you do if you are on that situation. This guy was surfing and when the wave came, he see a big huge fish infront of him. You think this is shark? I am sure this guy is in trouble hehe :-) Some people say it is a dolphin. Some say its a whale. Well... i dont know, hopefully its not a shark hehe :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coin Dealer

If you want to invest your money, what would you prefer? How about Invest it to something that you can keep and preserve your families wealth? I heard many people buying gold for investment or exchange their money into rare coins, silver bullion or any kind of metals. I am sure it will worth a lot in a long run. They said its unique to invest gold bullion or any kind of metals. Why? It simply because investing gold is very popular nowadays especially to those wealthy people. They invest their money into rare coins and preserve their wealth. I heard that Monex is one of the best coin dealer company. If you are planning to have an investment with silver coins, gold and bullion. Monex is the right website to visit. Monex has also made buying and selling coins over the phone. Guess what? they have the best silver coin prices! You better check it out and find the information about how to buy precious metals from Monex!

Benjamin Button - movie review

We watch the movie title "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" last week and gosh! that movie hits me! That was really a sad movie especially at the end where the baby close his eyes and died. Mike and I cried at the end of the movie. It was really a great movie. Its a long story, i think the movie runs up to 2 hours and 40 minutes. The direction did a good job at this movie. Its well done! Brad Pit did a good job too! he did well and the character fits him well. It was an outstanding movie!


I get so frustrated now because my connection is really slow and also Dustin give me headache here. He didn't take a nap this afternoon. He keeps making noise and saying that he dont want to sleep and he's already awake. Now he is being so hyper. He keep bagging the dogs, i am kind a worried because we really dont know what the dog's thinking. How if they get irrated and attack dustin? I try to keep him away from our dog. Mike still working, he went home around 5:00pm just to feed the dogs, water the plant and eat then go back to his job. He never had enough to eat for dinner. He only eat cookie. I made cookies tonight because when i checked our cookie jar its already empty so i made more cookies for snack :-)

Degree Online

I missed going back to school. Its been a long time since I graduated college. Everything change now since I get married but it doesn’t mean I can pursue another course and get a diploma so that I can find a job and help Mike for our finances. One of my Filipina friend already finished her degree online and she had a great job. She told me about this Inside Online Education from Capella University. They offer an online degree course where you can study right from your home. Capella is an accredited university and they offers graduate degree programs in business, IT, education and more. For more information, visit the Online Education Degree Program of If you are looking for an online degree? This might be the right online degree program for you, visit now and see how you can start.

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Chubby girl

This photo taken last night. She is so happy when i took off her clothes. I think she wants me to tickle her tummy. She really loves that. I think she gain 13-14 lbs now. She is getting more chunkier! She's a good eater, no wonder she's chubby hehe :-) she is just a sweety little pie.

Header makeover

As what i mentioned earlier to my other blog that sis gen wants to change her header and she choose a graphic with a mother and son, a trees and road in the background. Im glad i found the graphics that i like and she really like the outcome of her new header. This is her new header now. You can visit my femikey designs blog to see the full layout. Thanks!

Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair is very important especially to all seniors. Electric wheelchair is easy to use, this is available to all, not only for seniors but also to those who can’t walk. My mom is getting old and few years from now, she will need an electric wheelchair. Anyway, talking about wheelchair, are you thinking about getting one for your love ones or looking for a wheelchair online that has affordable price? Look no further because I found this website at, they offer a great selection of electric wheelchair from jet powered concept, geo travel power, invacare P7E power chair, cirrus plus EC folding power chair and a lot more and guess what? If you get one today you can save 15% on purchase over $25. This big sale will ends Midnight Thursday. So what are you waiting for? Get this amazing deal and get the electric wheelchair you need!

Nap time

Its almost 2 pm and its nappy time for my kids. Im glad its not hard to handle them both. Dustin sleep on his own bedroom now and while dana sleeping on his favorite aquarium swing. That is her favorite. She can sleep for more than 3 hours on that swing. Around 5:00 pm Mike will be home and since i am still in the stage of recovering with my wisdom tooth pulled out last monday, i only do a little bit of work. So hopefully i will recover soon so that i can start vacuum the floor. :-)

Pink Bracelet and Pearl Earrings

Thanks to Sarah for this wonderful gift a "Pink bracelet and pearl earrings". I just receive the package this morning and i was very surprised. I like it a lot, it was really pretty and you did a good job! wish i can make like this. You are so talented in making this handmade jewelry. You can visit her blog and see her amazing handmade jewelry collection. Once again thank you so much sarah for this wonderful gift! Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Do you have any medical history about mesothelioma? Or having this kind of illness? I never had any illness like this or even my family. About my family medical history background, my father and my elder sister died for a cancer. I research it online that mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos. Most people who develop mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they inhaled asbestos particles or they have been exposed to asbestos dust and fiber in other ways. So If you want to know more about mesothelioma you can visit There you can find information about mesothelioma. Visit now and find out the mesothelioma symptoms, diagnosis, staging, types and treatment.

Back to Work

My husband back to work already. I just had my tooth pulled out yesterday but it seems like everything was okay. Its not bleeding at all and also the medication helps a lot. But the problem is everytime i take the medication, it makes me feel dizzy. My doctor said that i need to avoid doing things that makes me tired or carry heavy weights. Good thing because when i woke up this morning, i dont feel any pain at all and when Dana wokes up, i transfer her right away in her swing so that i dont need to carry her all the time. About Dustin, i think he will be okay. He is watching his favorite tv program in our bedroom the "Clifford, the big red dog". :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Internet, Phatband Speed...


How satisfied are you in your high speed internet provider? Are they giving you the best service? Do you encounter any problem with it like having trouble in your connection? Our internet provider before is kind a slow that’s why we get a new one. We pay much for our internet provider but I think its worth the price because our connection is faster than before. But this couple of days we encounter connection problem and every time I open 2-3 windows, it hanged up and always say “the page cannot display” or “the server is busy”. I looked up online about the fastest internet speed and I bumped to this website at The new charter high speed internet ultra60 is an ultra powerful internet connection that’s so ultra-fast. This is the fastest internet ever! Now I am kind a curious how fast their Charter high Speed Internet Ultra60. Makes me want to try and see how fast it is! We really need a faster connection because I download pictures from my digital camera every day. I also like researching online and I want the best internet provider that give me answer right away without giving me any error or connection problem. Mike also play his online games and having a fast connection is really important because he don’t want his game hanged up in the middle of the game. Anyway if you are looking for a fast Internet connection? Why not try the Ultrafast Ultra60 from For more information you can visit the Ultra60 Information Page and Charter’s Twitter Feed.



Since this morning i was really worried and kind a nervous because they will going to pull my wisdom tooth this afternoon. Its in the upper side so its kind a scary. But then after they pull my tooth out, its really a big relief for me. Because its not really as scary as what i thought hehe :-) It was really fast and its not hurt at all. They give me 2-3 shot, they numb my gums and after couple of minutes they already started it and woolahh! its done! Im glad its done, now i dont need to worry about having a toothache. :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Play Piano

My 3 year old son loves to play piano. Every time he see piano, either at the store or in our friends house? He cant help not to sit down and play with it. Mike and I talk about it and we decided that maybe next year, Dustin can start his piano lessons. On that way he will be a good pianist at his early age. Good thing we found this piano lesson online at Where you can learn how to play piano by watching their online piano lesson videos.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Femikey Designs new template

Watch out for my new template at my femikey designs blog. I just finished installing the new code last night and im so happy with the outcome. Color pink is very common and I want to make it something new. I came up to the aqua color since I also love aqua blue. Finding photos that would fit at my header is kind a hard but im glad I found the one that I like. I put my picture in the header and some of my favorite layout too. So hopefully you all like it! Feel free to leave comments and don’t forget to visit my femikey designs blog where you can find blogger layouts for a very affordable price. Watch out also for my free blog makeover this week. So if you like to hull your blog and like my designs, feel free to leave comment and be one of my first commenter!

5 days trip to our convention

2 weeks from now, we will have a 5 days trip going to Loveland. We will attend a convention for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It will be this coming June 18 and we will stay 4 days night at Mulberry Inn. I am looking forward for our trip. We already find a pet sitter for our dog. We just need to talk the young kid in our neighbor to water our plants while we were gone. We don’t know where we will get the budget but hopefully we can find ways to it.


Since yesterday, I have a toothache that gives me headache. My husband tell me that I need to call my dentist and make an appointment. Im glad I called right away. So my dental check up is this coming Thursday. I just took pain killer and I think pain killer helps a lot. I can sleep good at night and the pain is not bad at all. Mike’s worried because maybe it will be an infection. If we wait longer then maybe it will be getting worst. Dustin will going to have his first dental visit. Hopefully Dustin wont be scared. Will see about this Thursday. Hopefully its not a tooth infection.