Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin Mission Style

This is the new bunk bed we got for the kids. We ordered it online at amazon and it supposed to come this afternoon or maybe tonight. We are excited to put it all together that way the kids can start sleeping in their bedroom. We sell their old ones because they never used it and they are scared to sleep on it because its a little bit higher but it was a nice bed though with a slide on it and a hideout under the bed. They been sleeping in our bedroom for couple of days now and sometimes we put them to the other bedroom where they can sleep together in a queen size bed. That is supposed to be our guest room. But yes, hope they will like this bed. If they doesn't like  the bunk bed style, we can pull it down and make it a twin bed. We got a good deal at Amazon and this one looks very sturdy. We got it for $320.20 and its free shipping! So will see how it will look in the kids bedroom :-)

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