Saturday, March 5, 2016

Steak for dinner!

Mike bought a steak for dinner tonight and it was on sale at safeway. It was half price and he bought 3 packs of steak! So it means, we will have steak straight for 3 days! I love steak but not so crazy about it though  but I am happy because it feels like it is a special day for us. Just like when we had our 10th years anniversary, we had steak that time too. So  since it was on sale and it was really look good then why not right? My husband couldn't resist steak and even my 10 year old son love it! Of course I love to have steak with bacon asparagus, mashed potatoes, mushrooms with tons of butter and also rice! My daughter doesn't like steak so I make her something else but at least she eat the bacon asparagus with her rice and chicken cream soup. So it was such a nice dinner for our family. Love it!

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